Divorce 101: Working with a child custody lawyer


A divorce never really is about two warring spouses alone. Often, children are the collateral damage, and as a parent, you should be interested in protecting your child from the impact as much as possible. One of the biggest questions is who gets to keep the custody of the child. Besides custody, how the couple would manage visitation, child support are other aspects to consider. If you are planning to file for divorce, the foremost step is to find attorney, who understands family law and can help with your child custody case. Professional names, such as Andrew Heft child custody lawyer, have years of experience in such cases, and they can offer all the support you need. Here are some quick aspects worth knowing.

Being pragmatic about child custody

Parents need to understand that custody battles are not just about establishing authority or proving a point. For instance, if you are a working father with no time for home, do you really want the custody of the child in the first place? Ask other relevant questions too, such as

  1. Can you manage child care & support?
  2. What are your intentions when it comes to giving visitation rights?
  3. Would you want a change in custody and child support in near future?

Before you go ahead and meet a child custody lawyer, be clear about these pointers.

Know your situation

A professional child custody lawyer should explain the facts of your case and how the custody battle may eventually shape up. It is their role to give a fair idea of the outcome, if you choose to fight the case in court. Depending on the facts of the case, they may sometimes recommend a negotiation with the spouse. Being fair and transparent with your lawyer is essential, and the expect the same from the lawyer too. They will also explain what it takes to manage a case effectively without draining out financially.

In conclusion

Warring parents must take the interests of the child and his/her wellbeing as the foremost goal of their custody battle. Sometimes, you may feel blinded by a certain kind of view, and that’s when your child custody lawyer can really offer insight and a better understanding of the situation, both in the short and long run. Check online now to find the best family law attorneys and ask for the first appointment to discuss things further.