Don’t Miss These Tips And Suggestions For Using Deca Nandrolone


With numerous steroids and compounds in the market, it is often hard to make a choice. If you are fitness enthusiast, you should try to know a steroid to the best possible extent. In this post, we will focus on Deca nandrolone, which is one of the best known anabolic androgenic steroids in the market.

Fast facts

Deca nandrolone is a steroid that’s designed from another steroidal hormone Nandrolone. It is also known as nandrolone decanoate in some markets. Mostly used in injectable form, Deca nandrolone is combined to testosterone for the best effects, especially when it comes to mass gain. Also, athletes use testosterone to improve performance, as it helps in making the most of Deca nandrolone. This steroid is perfect for those looking for big gains in the bulking season and helps in synthesis of red blood cells. In a way, it also helps in protein synthesis and increases the levels of hemoglobin in the body.

Understanding dosage

Steroid dosages are dependent on many factors. As with most drugs, steroids work in a different way in every person, and therefore, what might seem like an ideal choice for someone might not be a good option for you. Age, genetics, gender and overall physical fitness also matters in choosing dosages. You will find a lot of information on bodybuilding websites in this regard. In rare cases, nandrolone decanoate is used for medical purposes, and the dose is generally between 100 mg and 200 mg per week for men. Women take a much lower dose, not exceeding 100 mg weekly. With regards to bodybuilding, the dosages are much higher. On an average, men take around 400 mg to 500 mg per week, which can exceed to 800 mg. Higher doses can be taken into two parts, but dose of 800 mg is never recommended.

Nandrolone is known to have a long half-life, and therefore, you don’t need to inject the drug daily. It can be stacked with other steroids, as well, depending on your fitness goals. Keep in mind that steroids must be used responsibly, or else the long term side effects can be a real concern. Try to gather as much information as possible before using Deca nandrolone. Also, it is important to start with a small dose, so that you can understand the effects of the drug on your body. If any serious health issue occurs, take medical help immediately.