Doona Quilts as Well as Doona Baby Car Seats Are Both Revolutionary

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Do you wonder the quilt to pick when there are various doona filling to choose from? This should be a choice made partly based on budget, personal taste as well as allergy characteristics, with some individuals not able to use fillings that are natural because of allergic reactions, but it is always good to know what filling type can have on duvet thickness and warmth.

Natural filling

Natural filling such as goose down quilts and duck feathers, or even wool quilts are known to offer a much higher level of warmth as feathers naturally have the compactly for trapping air. Feather quilts also offer this level of warmth with less thickness, unlike synthetic hollow fibre or microfiber doona that have more thickness for the same level of warmth.

Other side

But, when you are comparing synthetic and natural doona with the same warmth rating, the synthetic quilt of doona usually feels lighter, which is preferable to many. This is something to remember when choosing your doona, as two doona of the same tog but different types filling might vary greatly in how it feels to sleep under. Dependent on what choice you make, these quilts are available in many sizes but not least including double bed quilts, queen quilts, king quilts, super king quilts. Or separate them into either summer or winter doona varieties.

Doona Baby

The company that produces Doona simplifies the lives of parents as well as their babies, as they designed smart yet simple Doona car seats that are easily operated. It’s designed to provide practical and safe mobility solution for baby, inside and outside as well of the car. The Doona infant car-seat is the world’s first infant car seat with fully integrated mobility solution.


Doona Baby is a ground-breaking travel system combining a stroller and a car seat like no other. This is the state-of-the-art car seat accessible with combined wheels that pop out with just a click of a button – and wow – it becomes a stroller. During the 1st year of the baby’s life, the Doona stops the need to have a separate stroller and car seat, simplifying travel a great deal. It will also help parents relax their nerves since it is the only product to pass safety tests both as a stroller and a car seat.


The filling inside the Doona Baby is the same soft materials that are in a doona quilt.