Do’s and don’ts when keeping things for storage

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If you’re planning to use self-storage facilities ahead of a house move, business relocation, or any other matter, it’s imperative that you implement a winning strategy. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing damage to your possessions while also losing your time, money, and sanity.

Therefore, understanding the do’s and don’ts of keeping possessions in storage is vital knowledge. Here’s all you need to know.

Do opt for a local storage company

The location of your storage unit is hugely important. While you don’t necessarily need to choose the very closest service – especially if they offer free collection and delivery services – you don’t want to leave your items 200 miles away. Even if you don’t plan to need them, there’s always a chance that you will.

Don’t choose a new company

While some new storage companies are trustworthy, others aren’t. This isn’t because the owners are sinister; it’s simply a case of not knowing whether the business will survive. If it doesn’t, you’ll face a very awkward challenge. It’s best to choose a service like Henfield Storage that has a solid reputation. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do pack your items in the right manner

It’s easy to think that you’ll just throw items into storage and forget about them until they’re needed. In reality, this will create major headaches when you come to unpacking, which is a nightmare when trying to get settled in a new home or office. Take the time to pack items safely, including money, and create itemised lists for your own sake.

Don’t select a storage unit at random

The size of your storage unit will influence everything from the possibilities to the pricing. If you go too big, you’ll be wasting money. Conversely, going too small will either result in sacrifices being needed or splitting your possessions over several units, which presents a range of problems. So, be sure to accurately calculate your needs.

Do consider your specialist requirements

No two people have identical requirements, which is why finding a storage facility that meets your needs is vital. This could mean using a climate-controlled environment for artwork, electronics, collectibles, and other valuable items. Make a note of your needs and be sure to ask all storage providers whether they have the ability to meet them.

Don’t ignore the need to lock your unit

A securely managed unit will provide a solid platform for keeping your items protected. However, you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. Not double locking your unit is asking for trouble and can lead to serious problems. Using an Esme One GPS lock provides far greater security and puts your mind at ease too.

Do treat the issue with care

Whatever you do, it’s vital that you give this decision the attention it deserves. If you do this, the chances of reaching the right selection become far greater. Whether you’ve uses self-storage in the past or you’re a self-storage virgin, achieving those results is the least that you deserve. Forget it, and you will regret it.