Easiest ways to send your goods to Malaysia



India has become one of the leading nations in terms of exports and imports. Globalization in late nineties has brought about a bundle of opportunities for the traders to now extend their work to many other countries which were earlier unreachable, or very inconvenient to reach. Asia, is the biggest continent in this world, and it is home to more than ninety countries. These countries are now connected to each other in airways, ships, or even trains. This has led the traders to eventually expand their exports and imports business to a great extent, as the transportation has become very easy.

Malaysia, is a very beautiful country. It is located in the south east area of the Indian sub-continent. Surrounded by countries or islands like Singapore etc, it is a big hub for tourists, exports and other industries. It has become developed in a fast rate. India is connected to Malaysia, through airways and ships. Malaysia is surrounded by seas, and so is India on the three sides. This fact makes it easier to send goods to Malaysia [ส่ง สินค้า ไป มาเลเซีย, which is the term in Thai] through any mode possible.

If you are a trader who has started recently in the export or import business, or if your relative lives in Malaysia, you can send goods to Malaysia very easily, for any of the purposes.

The mode of transportation one can chose depends upon a number of factors. Let us have a look at those factors.

  1. Time– The time taken for the goods to reach Malaysia, if plays an important factor, then probably airways are the best possible option to send goods to Malaysia. If time is not of much importance, then shipping can also be chosen.
  2. rates– If the price and cost of sending goods is a factor, as usually present in business and trading, then shipping is a better option as it is cheaper than airlines. It takes more time, but costs much less than any airline. So, if trading is the ultimate purpose, then this mode is preferable, as it does not add to the cost much and helps in getting more margin. If cost is not a factor, then airline can be considered.

3- Quantity– Business usually involves bulk orders, so if one is thinking of sending bulk goods to Malaysia, then shipping is a better and safer option as compared to airways. It provides insurance and also, there are many companies and options to chose from in terms of shipping, so one can chose wisely among them. If a single good, or fewer goods are to be sent for domestic purposes only, then airlines can be used.

When it is time to choose, the mode of transportation to be used to send goods to Malaysia, then these factors mentioned above should be kept in mind. Generally, shipping is preferred over airways as it is much more convenient and safer than airways. This can wary from person to person.