Easy Decor Trends To Create Kitchen And Bathroom Flow

Home Improvement

When you purposely create flow within your home, you not only increase the efficient use of floor space, you also create a visual pattern that gives the home a good energy and enhanced harmony.

Be careful to not confuse interior harmony and flow with matching furniture and monotone color palettes.

It’s more of a balance between modern and traditional, colorful and neutral, natural materials and man-made. Here are some easy decor trends to help create flow in your kitchen and bathroom.

Choose A Color Personality – Both your bathroom and kitchen should have a distinct personality. Traditionally, designers would choose a color palette of 2-6 colors for walls, flooring, countertops, soft surfaces, and cabinetry.

If you choose a color personality instead – such as vibrant, cool, contemporary, warm, or cheerful, you can be more creative in your decorating options.

Create Flow with Flooring – Using two tile patterns or flooring options for the kitchen and bathroom floors that are distinct from the rest of the floor plan is another way to create flow.

Avoid covering every room with the same flooring material but stick with a cohesive plan such as wood in the main rooms, carpet in the bedrooms, luxury vinyl flooring in the kitchen, and tile in the bathrooms. You can get amazing wood flooring range, hardwood, bamboo, laminate and Kahrs flooring at best prices from https://www.onestopflooring.co.uk .

Use Lighting to Create Flow – Explore the wide range of light fixtures that can be used to create harmony in kitchens and bathrooms.

First group large areas with general lighting, then add task lighting over counters and work areas.

Finally, add accent lighting to showcase artwork or provide soft lighting for evening conversations in the kitchen or a nice bubble bath soak.

Remodel Floor Arrangements – For both the kitchen and the bathroom, if the home has a bad layout of fixtures and/or walls, the only way to solve the problem is with a professional remodel.

Visit a kitchen and bath showroom to research ideas to change a L-shaped kitchen into a galley kitchen, for better flow.