Easy Halloween Makeup


Halloween season is upon us, which means people are going to be getting creative with costumes and makeup looks. If you are too busy to come up with a Halloween look, or don’t know what to be this year, there’s no need to worry because you can achieve easy Halloween makeup looks with our help. Here are easy Halloween makeup looks that will help you stand out.

The Skull Look

The skull look is an easy makeup look that you can achieve within five minutes. Wear a full face of makeup to start, and create a smokey eye look using black eyeshadow. Use eyeshadow to create lines around your mouth to create a stitched mouth effect.

The stitches effect will look like teeth. Apply a lot of contour under your cheekbones and do not blend it. This will give an illusion of highly pointed cheekbones. Use a black eye shadow to draw a black spot on your nose to create the appearance of a hole. The skull Halloween makeup look was first used in the early 2000s, and it is still an awesome and creative look that many choose to create every year.

Cracked Doll

The cracked doll makeup look is what it sounds like; it gives off the appearance of a cracking doll face. Use a pale foundation and apply it to your face, all the way down to your neck. Use a pink blush and apply it to your cheeks. Apply enough blush so that it really pops. Apply pink eye shadow on your eyelids and wear fake lashes.

Draw slim eyebrows to match that of a real doll. Take an eyeliner and draw lines on your face that resemble cracks. Draw multiple lines to give your skin a cracking effect. Use a drugstore eyeliner to do this. Match this look with a pink wig decorated with the same color bowtie.

The Poison Ivy Look

The Poison Ivy look is a great option for an easy Halloween makeup look. Use a lip liner to fill your eyebrows and use a liquid red lipstick to add color to the eyebrows. Use an eyeshadow palette that has a jungle green color, and apply this color to your eyelids.

Use an eye pencil on your lower waterline, and apply the jungle green color below it. Use black eyeliner to line your upper lash line and create a simple wing effect. Use a full coverage foundation to ensure the colors on your eyelids and eyebrows pop.

After you’ve applied the foundation, take the jungle green color and use it to draw leaves falling from the sides of your face. Use a big eye shadow brush to ensure you get a perfect shape. Finish this look by applying the red lipstick to your lips. Pair this look with a red or maroon wig.

The Princess Shuri Look

Black Panther is still among the best-selling movies. Therefore, it is exciting to be able to create a look based off its characters, and one of them being Princess Shuri. To create this look, first start by applying a full face of makeup. Then, choose a white from your eye shadow pallet, or you can use a white eyeliner. Draw a series of white dots on your forehead and under your eyes.

Apply maroon lipstick, and draw a white line going down your lips to your chin. Draw a white line from your chin to the ears on both sides, and use a red eye shadow to paint under the white line following through your whole jawline. Take the white eyeshadow or eyeliner and draw a tooth on both sides of your face. This look is interesting and rather complicated, but if you get the look right, it will show your love for the movie.

The Eyes Forced Open Look

Isn’t it fun to walk around during Halloween with eyes that give the illusion that they have been forced open, and can’t close? This look is fun, and you only need ten minutes of your time to achieve it. Wear a full face makeup to start, and then apply an eye primer to prep your eyelids.

Apply a highly pigmented red eyeshadow to your eyelids and blend it to ensure that the look is perfect. Use a black eye pencil to line your lower waterline and apply a red eye shadow on top of it.

The final look is done by using liquid black eyeliner. Pour the eyeliner from the inside of the lower waterline to the cheeks. End the line by drawing a small circle at the end to give it a water drop look. To get the eye forced open look, use the same eyeliner to draw a line from the upper lashes to your forehead. Therefore, the line will pass between your eyebrows.

The upper and lower drawn line should be perpendicularly uniform to look like the eyes are being held open. Pair this look with a red lip and a conspicuous black lip liner. This will make your lips match your eyes.

The Mermaid Look

It is a creative approach to go out as a mermaid on Halloween. Grab some netting and use your favorite turquoise eye shadow. The eye shadow should have a light purple touch to give off a mermaid scale effect.

Use blue and light blue glitter on the eyes. First, apply the eyeshadow primer followed by a light purple shadow. Clean the crease using a concealer and then apply the blue glitter towards the inner corners of the eye and the light purple glitter on the outer corners.

Draw a wing on the top lash line using white eyeliner. Line the lower waterline with a black eye pencil and follow it with a blue eye shadow. Apply highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes.

For a flawless look, add rhinestones above your eyebrows following the brow shape. Pair this with a clear glossy lip.

Apply mousse or pomade to your hair to give it a wet look. This will make it look like you just got out of the water. This look only takes a maximum of 20 minutes to complete and you’ll be left with a beautiful Halloween makeup look.

All these looks will significantly pop more if you wear a full face of makeup, which includes foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, etc. Therefore, apply makeup as you do daily, set it using a setting spray, and then start creating your intended Halloween look.

Halloween is a season that allows people to show off their creativity. Therefore, use this guide to create an easy yet breathtaking Halloween makeup look and amaze others with your look.

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