Enhance Your Neckline With A Beautiful Diamond Necklace Or Choker


Your formal evening attire is incomplete if not paired with a stunning diamond necklace. According to fashion experts, diamond necklaces best compliment any dress that you put on. Like the portrait of Mona Lisa looks odd without her beautiful smile, your look would be stated incomplete without a diamond necklace beautifying your neckline. Be it a multi-diamond studded necklace or a solitaire necklace; diamonds are always going to be all time favourite jewellery item for any woman. After all what can make you feel better than putting on your favourite necklace and grabbing the attention of all the onlookers.

Diamond Pendants or Diamond Necklaces- Which One Should You Opt For?

If you take history in concern, you will find that people always voted for diamond necklaces. You can even get to read about the blue diamond which was eventually regarded as the luck or Hope diamond. Talking of its present status- this diamond is now owned by a Smithsonian who has got it studded on a necklace. This diamond is considered as the epitome of glamour and elegance and is the best of all diamonds available in the world.

While a diamond necklace has the necklace strand studded with diamond, the diamond pendants feature a single big diamond or several small size diamonds studded together in the area meant for pendants. In case of diamond pendants, the necklace is either made of silver or gold while the pendant constitutes diamond. Both of these are known for their beauty and elegance and although each differs in the context of appearance, they have their individual purpose. While one is meant for formal occasions, the other is meant for semi-formal occasions.

Full Length Necklaces or Diamond Chokers

Diamond chokers are the ones that hug to the neck tightly and offer a different look when compared to that offered by full length necklaces studded with diamonds. These necklaces usually range between 14 inches to 16 inches and also come with length adjustment setup. If you or the one you are planning to gift the diamond necklace has a long neck, it is a diamond choker that you need to go for. Those with shorter neck must go for either a thinner choker or a full-length necklace with a big enough diamond pendant.

Next is selecting a diamond necklace or choker according to the height, if the person is moderately tall; she can go for anything- either a necklace or a choker. The necklace in their case has to be as long as 40 inches. If the person is above 5’10’’, then a choker can also work wonder in de-emphasizing her height and enhancing the neckline. It is also going to render some focus to the face. But be it a choker or a diamond full length necklace; you need to make sure that you are confident enough in what you are wearing.

Wrapping Up

Last but not the least, while you plan to get yourself diamond jewellery matching your style statement; do make sure to invest in the same after keeping the 4C’s of diamond in concern. This will keep you away from falling into any trap and ending up investing money on a fake diamond necklace.