Erectile Dysfunction: Can Men Of Older Ages Have This Problem?


Sexual relation is the way that partners want to have in their every stage of their age. Whether you are in your 20’s or 30’s you are supposed to be in the sexual prime. Sometimes men in their 50’s or 60’s sometimes experience this kind of health issues like erectile dysfunctions. According to the studies it is revealed that the erectile dysfunction makes the individual stressed out or we can say that they suffer from mental issues. There are some of the reporting symptoms that the suffering person has:

  • Difficulty in erection
  • Inability to achieve an erection
  • Erection by yourself without a partner
  • Too long erection and also hard

These issues sometimes are responsible for relationship barriers. There are various medications for the same but people when trying to have them without the doctor’s prescription are sometimes get affected by many other related problems too. Cialis, Viagra-like various drugs are there but should be taken with proper prescription and the knowledge of the dosage to have a positive result. One can have the Cialis coupons for the extra discounts if are having long treatment for the prolonged disease.  Let’s have a look at the causes of erectile dysfunction:

Anxiety– Anxiety is the major cause if we talk about erectile dysfunction. Stressful job, pending layoffs and many more can make one suffer from anxiety. Having anxiety can affect many other life-related works too, to be in new in a relationship with your partner or being anxious can affect your relationship and health as well.

Stress– Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that most men suffer from involving their disturbed life. Stress is something that not only affects health but sexual life too. If you are suffering from the same then try the technique to reduce stress as this can help in reducing the chances of being trapped in sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. One can try the meditation to reduce the negative effects of the stress.

These are the common and harmful factors that directly target men to suffer from erectile dysfunction. People are unaware of the use of the narcotics also that are marijuana, cocaine that not only responsible for the health effects but also makes the person suffers from erectile dysfunction. Excessive use of alcohol is also responsible for a sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction. As alcohol is responsible to diminish the flow of the blood.

Medications for the depression, heart disease, and pain killers medicines can also affect the person to have such sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction. When one experience symptoms of such health issues they should never get too late to have doctor’s advice for the proper treatment.

There are various factors that are responsible for the erectile dysfunction and there are various treatments too to make them totally erased from life. This is not the inevitable disease but all it needs is the proper knowledge with the proper treatment. Men of any age can have this problem as the factors mentioned above are responsible for this problem.