Experience the Uniquely Exotic Food of Marrakech



When on a visit to Marrakech, a foodie has to eat like a local in order to experience the rich exotic taste of this Moroccan former imperial city. Surrounded by olive and citrus groves, the air of Marrakech too smells of heady blend of spices which translates into a culinary experience par excellence.

Food here is heavily spiced since there is abundant growth of chillies, ash berries, cinnamon, monk’s pepper, turmeric, grains of Paradise and nutmeg, but it is not hot. Thus food of this city not only titillates the taste buds but is also a gastronomical delight. The Medina or the central market place of Marrakech is a haven for street food connoisseurs and also offers the double delight of a number of shops which sell a wide variety of things like Berber carpets, electronics etc.

The traditional “Tanjia Marrakshia” is a symbol of the beautiful way in which chefs here blend in their spices to create something which, today, is considered worldwide to be the highpoint of any Marrakech Food Tour. This slow-cooked culinary delight is a masterpiece the taste of which gets enhanced by basting it with “smen” or the traditional Moroccan ghee.

Briouats, filled either with chicken, shrimp or lemon, is yet another speciality of this place. Other typical specialities include rice cooked with a variety of ingredients like saffron, almonds, spices, added vegetables etc., the “Pastilla” or a stuffed pie, the “Harira” soup, the “Kefta”, stews made from various ingredients etc.

Ramadan, the holy month which is observed here every here, also sees the city serving unique deserts like “Chebakia” while other deserts like cheesecake, tartlets etc., are available the whole year through.

While alcohol is a common enough beverage, non-alcoholic drinks like orange juice, green tea spiced with mint are also very popular here. Marrakech cuisine is thus one of its kind; something which every adventurous foodie must try atleast once. It is indeed an experience of a lifetime.