Facts You Need To Know About HGH Injections For Bodybuilding


In school, we have learned about a lot of hormones, including the human growth hormone, HGH is mostly associated with muscle growth, height, cell structure and bone growth. All growth hormones are produced naturally by the pituitary gland, but the levels are impacted by many factors, such as genetics and diseases. Growth hormone deficiencies are treated using HGH injections and supplements, and contrary to what people believe, it is not meant for just medical conditions. Although quite debated on, HGH is also used by bodybuilders for muscle growth, strength and endurance.

Things to know

If you are keen on using HGH for nonmedical purposes, you need to understand the difference between hormonal injections and supplements. In general, there are a few side effects and risks of growth hormone therapy, which must be considered. HGH drugs can be classified into two categories – supplements and injections. HGH injections are known to be synthetic hormones, which are used for medical treatments, in case the body is incapable of producing growth hormones naturally. On the opposite, supplements are designed to aid the pituitary gland in general, mainly to produce the hormones naturally.

Other things that matter

You cannot buy HGH legally without a prescription, and that’s something that bodybuilders worry about. Of course, you can buy these injections from a number of online stores, but most of these are produced by underground labs, and there is a question of genuineness. Also, injections impact your body more than steroids and HGH supplements. As for supplements, you can read a lot about the pros and cons before taking a call. Keep in mind that HGH injections can impact the endocrine system, and therefore, these are not at all safe or recommended for other purposes than recommended by medical experts.

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