Find a Corporate Apartment for a Cultural Tour in St. Louis


Anytime you pay an extended visit to St. Louis, you can take advantage of so many opportunities to learn about the rich culture of the city. You will find historic sites, museums, and cultural heritage in the area. You just need to ensure that you are staying close to those attractions, and that is when you can benefit from the corporate housing in St Louis. Here are some nice attractions to see for a perfect cultural tour in the area:

  • When in St. Louis, do not forget to pay a visit to Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. It helps you get up close and personal with remains of the most sophisticated prehistoric city in the region. Depending on your location, you may have to travel for 15 minutes to get to this historic site. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Cahokia ruins tell you a lot about this ancient city. Interestingly, there is still no real information available to know exactly what led to the destruction of this city. A visit to the site and the site’s interpretative museum galleries may help you find a clue though.
  • The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is yet another option to consider for anyone interested in getting to know more about the culture of the city. This amazing piece of architecture in the heart of the city gives you a glimpse of St. Louis’s Catholic heritage. This is where you will find the largest collection of mosaic art in the world. To know how the mosaics were made, you need to head to the lower level of the Cathedral. There, you will also be able to see some historic vestments and objects. You can find free self-guided tours, but you are encouraged to donate something visiting the area.
  • You can make your visit to St. Louis a lot more information and educational by visiting the Old Courthouse. It provides you with a great deal of insight into the nation’s 19th-century judiciary system. You will also find several galleries there that show the history of the city from its Spanish and French roots to its part in the westward You may find trial reenactments especially interesting and somewhat intriguing too. Interestingly, the admission is free.
  • Another great way to learn more about the native and long-term residents is to pay a visit to the St. Louis Walk of Fame. Your corporate apartment in St. Louis can provide you with an easy access to the location. It is located on Delmar Boulevard and you can find many corporate housing options there. These Hollywood-like sidewalks have more than 120 brass stars and plaques. Those informative plaques and stars bear the name of famous St. Louis residents, such as Joseph Pulitzer, Maya Angelou, T.S. Eliot, Betty Grable, Yogi Berra, Bob Costas, and Tennessee Williams.

So, do not forget to check all these places when you are in St. Louis alone or with family. The experience will be unforgettable! You can also check out some interesting blogs that help you understand better about corporate plaques st. charles county mo and variou other aspects of the county.