Frequently Asked Questions about Creating Your Online Gambling Business


How much does an online casino create?

There is no fixed and certain price for the online project of this type of casino, since the process of creation and development of online casino is a process with many levels. The price of the online casino relies on several components such as, first of all, the functionality of the platform and its adjustment, type of integrated platform, what content of games and how many games will be installed, in which jurisdiction the license will be obtained, which systems of payment will be implemented in the casino and how many associated programs will be created, etc.

MPS service is a good choice to get free consultations and helps you determine the online project price according to your demands and wishes.

What is the license to carry out the casino gaming activity?

The online casino needs to obtain the license or permission to carry out the activity of gambling, specifying the conditions of the same. Legalization guarantees the casino’s operational security, raising its reputation and demand among the players. The licenses are released by the special jurisdictions; all have their particularities and advantages.

The MPS consultants will offer you the most popular licensing jurisdictions, helping you to select the most convenient option for your case.

Why is the license software better?

There are numerous causes to explain why the online casino work should use the license software. First, the license software is safe and will guarantee a stable and continuous operation of your online project, since the mathematics of the software cannot be exposed and external intrusions and interferences. Second, players with long experience, whose benevolence and disposition try to win all the casinos, always focus on the type or brand of software, and if they don’t find any information about the license, they leave this resource in the same moment and losing precious customers is disadvantageous for the operator.

And the latest, the casino’s reputation for gambling depends directly on what software is used. The license software, acquired by the license, is more an advantage, and a plus to the positive image of the establishment of games of chance.

Can you adjust the percentage of performance?

Each provider installs a standard performance percentage value. In the licensing software, the% yield rises to the value of 92 to 98. Nobody else can intervene and readjust this percentage already installed. So that the future operator acquires the online casino with the percentage of performance already installed.