Get Familiar with Baccarat Table Layout and Card Handling Technique 


Baccarat playing rules are simplified and they even have a significantly low house edge, which attracts mass players and high rollers. The table layout is fairly basic allowing newcomers to the casino world with no difficulty in playing.

Online betting sites have brought casinos into your homes and palms. Baccarat games can be enjoyed on online sites like Ufabet and even win.

The players can choose three available bets on the three different kinds of tables including –

  1. Full size or big
  2. Mini
  3. Midi

All the three tables’ layout is pretty similar but there are some differences you need to be familiar with. Big tables are designed for high rollers and their limit ranges between $50 & $100,000 +. There are two dealers, who handle the game action from each side, whereas a third [caller] stands in the middle and deals with the card.

The mini-baccarat has no huge risks as it varies between $5 & $25. The large table can accommodate 14 players but a Mini hosts 7 players. So, a mini-baccarat table is half the size, where the caller stands in the middle.

Players are seated on one side, while the dealer sits across them. There are 3 betting zones and you will see words like ‘Banker’ and ‘Player’ printed in different colors. The tie betting spot is near the caller, which covers numbers from 1 to 7. After tie betting spot is the banker bet zone. Numbered circles will be noticed with ‘bank’ prints. The Players’ bet spot will be different.

In the midi baccarat table, 9 players can participate at the same time. However, the basic layout is the same as the big and mini-sized tables.

Card handling methods

The two-card handling methods are the American/European and the Asian. In the former player gets a chance to look at their cards before they toss them towards the dealer. In the latter one, there is a ‘bend & peak’ approach. For every shoe, a new deck of cards is used because cards are damaged physically.

How Asian card handling technique is used?

The cards are placed at arms-length in a face-down position before you. Stretch and ensure the cards look neat and slide one towards you. The key here is to build suspense and bend the card backward very slowly. Ensure the top-left corner is kept covered, as the card value gets revealed. Face cards have a solid line, so get revealed in a jiffy. Move slowly and turn the card over with a melodramatic show.

If you see a couple of red points as you bend then you may have got cards with the following values – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4. The numbers 2 and 3 have a single tiny redpoint. If you start bending along the long side then stop if you see 3 tiny points, it hints the card has 8, 7, or 6. While you bend use body language that indicates you have the winning cards.

Make sure that the casino you choose allows the Asian card handling technique. Several casinos use the pack of cards for more than once, so they don’t desire to get them damaged. In the low limit tables, the caller may turn the cards. It is advised to try this technique while placing a large bet!