Guide to a Secure Banker Safe: 6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid



Getting a banker safe is an effective method of securing your precious belongings. Things such as cash, pieces of jewellery, and sensitive documents are items that could do serious damage if thieves or other unauthorised individuals gain access to them. Additionally, it wouldn’t be a sensical decision to leave these possessions out in the open. Some homeowners own firearms which can prove to be dangerous when children decide to play with them. A banker safe, aside from its security purpose, also ensures that your kids are safe from the possible risks that come with its content.

However, it is common for homeowners to make mistakes regarding their banker safe and their chosen safety deposit box supplier. Such errors can lead to multiple safety and security risks, eventually leading to serious accidents like stolen cash or gun-related disasters.

Due to these serious concerns, homeowners like you might be wondering how or what can you do to avoid these accidents. The first step before doing any precautionary measures is to learn the possible mistakes you can make. Once you determine what they are, you have a list of objectives to address. With that in mind, read this article to learn about these six things you need to know and avoid when using a banker safe.

A Guide to a Secure Banker Safe: 6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Using Common Combinations

While it is convenient to use common code combinations like your birthday or a 10-20-30 kind of password, it is also easier for unauthorised intruders to access the contents of your banker safe. Remember that thieves may most likely attempt to guess the code of your vault before resorting to more conspicuous methods. Never give them the easy way into your money, pieces of jewellery, and other valuables.

If possible, avoid basing your combinations on anything easy to remember, such as birthdays, ID numbers, important dates, etc. Thieves could easily acquire this information, making your banker safe vulnerable to unauthorised access.

Getting the Wrong Size

There are pros and cons to a large and small banker safe. While an enormous vault may fit more valuables, it is also more challenging to move, both for you and potential thieves. On the other hand, portable safes might be easier to carry, but it could also be a disadvantage as intruders could whisk them away should they fail to guess your combination.

Therefore, it is essential to consider several factors before buying something from a vault supplier. The following are some of the things you need to think about before spending a single coin:

  • Location (Heavier vaults could be a safety risk if they are on the second floor)
  • Number and size of valuables to place inside
  • Room size
  • Possible future content

Ultimately, the size of your banker safe relies on your decision. Weigh their pros and cons and determine which one has advantages that far outweigh its disadvantages.

Writing Down the Combination


Given the complex code combination of your banker safe, you might consider writing it on a piece of paper or a document on your desktop. Doing this method poses a significant security risk. First, where do you store such sensitive information? It isn’t safe to place it in a drawer or your room. If you have it on your computer, a simple search of its files could reveal its location. While writing your codes somewhere isn’t necessarily a problem, it does bring several security risks and poses the challenge of determining where to keep such information.

No Backup Batteries

If you’re using a digital banker safe, a battery backup plan is necessary whenever the situation calls for it. One example is the issue of power outages. Without contingencies, the contents of your banker safe, especially if it is a large vault, is inaccessible to anyone without professional equipment. If there are events where evacuation is a must, you may need to leave your valuables as it is almost impossible to open a digital banker safe without destroying it.

Consider consulting with your safety deposit box manufacturer for recommendations regarding what you can do during power outages. Additionally, consider your decision to get a digital banker safe if you lack the budget to cover a battery backup plan.

Installing the Safe in a Vulnerable Area

The location of your banker safe is its first line of defence against potential intruders. Ideally, you shouldn’t have it in open areas such as the living or dining room. Consult with a reputable safety deposit box supplier on viable locations for your banker safe. Additionally, ensure that engineers conduct proper installation to avoid complications.

Opting For Cheap Safes


Lastly, your banker safe is where you store your valuables, such as pieces of jewellery, firearms, and sensitive documents. Therefore, it shouldn’t be an option for homeowners like you to settle for cheap products, especially if they come from an unknown safety deposit box supplier. Research is essential in determining reputable brands that will ensure quality vaults.


Getting a banker safe ensures your precious belongings are in a secure container. Aside from its security purposes, safety should also be a priority, especially if you have firearms. Therefore, the first step towards becoming responsible banker safe owners is to be aware of the possible mistakes you can make.

First, it is generally a bad idea to choose codes for your banker safe that are easy to know. Some examples include relevant dates like your birthday, ID numbers, and common combinations. Additionally, once you have a unique code, refrain from writing it on a piece of paper or your computer, especially if you have no secure area to hide it.

Next, the size of your banker safe should be adequate to store your valuables without posing safety and security risks. Once you find the right size, avoid installing or placing it in open areas where intruders could locate it.

Lastly, never choose a cheap banker safe as it could mean less protection against thieves. Never forget that you are storing precious belongings in them.

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