How High-Tech Plays A Part In Interior Design Of An HDB Apartment

Home Improvement

It is believed that the high-tech style is more suitable for office interior decoration. At home you want not high technologies, but warmth and comfort. Therefore, in our country preference is given to more “soulful” styles: baroque, Provence, art deco. We have already written why we consider classical styles not suitable for interior decoration of modern apartments. Is hi-tech more acceptable?

When To Order A Design Project

We discussed the need to involve an interior designer in preparation for renovation earlier (read the article “Do you need an interior designer”). If you decide that you still need a design project, the question arises when you need to order it.

How Much Does Designer Cost

Are you preparing for renovation? Can you imagine at least approximately the forthcoming expenses? In our practice, there were several cases when customers came with examples of interiors and said: “I want it the same”.

How To Decorate The Side Wall Of The Cabinet

The main problem with the layouts of modern apartments is the lack of space, especially for storing things. Often the main question when planning a space is where to place the cabinets. 


Sometimes the cabinet has to be placed sideways to the door, with no other options. In this case, entering the room, we first of all come across an empty cabinet wall, and this does not look very nice. 


As a rule, the standard way out of this situation is corner shelving with rounded open shelves, but a lot of unnecessary items and dust accumulate on them, which does not add aesthetics. This will be crucial when it comes to HDB interior design in Singapore.


How To Choose The Interior Color For A Small Bedroom

In search of an answer to the question of how to choose the right interior color for a bedroom, you may come across different, even opposite opinions. It is believed that if the bedroom area is small, then the only way to visually increase the space is to make the room as bright as possible. It would seem that white would be the best solution to this problem. However, if for you the comfort of a bedroom is inseparable from deep dark tones, there are ways to harmoniously fit them into the interior without overloading the space.

Is It Necessary To Maintain The Interior Design Of The Apartment In One Style?

There is no unanimous answer to the question whether the interior of an apartment should be decorated in the same style. Some designers insist that this is an immutable rule, while others argue that eclecticism is in fashion now, and it is not necessary to adhere to a single style either within one room or throughout the apartment. The owners themselves, who choose the style of their home decoration, are often sure that each room must be original and unique, otherwise it will be boring to live.