How to Choose a Senior Dating Site


If you are in the age range of 50 years old to 80 years old, there are specific dating websites dedicated to your age group.

The senior or “mature” demographic is a fast growing segment in the online senior dating community. There are websites centered specifically on seniors. Many 50+ single people prefer to be on a site where they can relate to the rest of the community. For some single people, a community where they can interact with others to make new friends or social connections might be important to the experience. In this case, senior dating sites will allow a better social experience.

Mainstream VS. Niche Dating Sites for Seniors

The trend in the online dating market is toward “segmentation” or small niches. This means that smaller dating sites which specialize on connection a small group of people with a special interest have grown in popularity.

These “niche” sites may or may not provide a better experience, depending on the size and type of the niche. The mature or senior dating niche is a pretty large group that contains member from the ages of 50 years old to 90 years old. This allows a site dedicated to older single people to grow a large group of users with a common interest.

The quality of the user base is the determining factor of whether or not you will have a good experience on the website. If a site is specific to your demo, it may or may not contain enough users for you to connect in your local area. You may be able to speak with users, but they can be located great distances across the country.

Mainstream Senior Dating Sites

The largest online dating sites like strathclyde dating, jersey dating, or Match will contain enough users in your area to connect and meet in person. They will also have many more features like compatibility based matching, a personal dating coach, and better options to connect than smaller “niche” senior sites.

The jersey dating and Match have been successful online dating businesses since the late 90′s. They have had time to hone their particular business to create the best experience for their users. These large dating services have many users in the ages of 50 years or older and would be very suitable to meet people in this demographic.

A user would have the opportunity to meet many matches that would be both local and could be matched to them based on their completed personality profile.

Free Trial Access – One benefit to larger dating sites is that they often offer “free communication weekends” or access to the site before a user signs up. This allows a potential senior dater to test out the dating site, BEFORE they pay the monthly sign up fee of $20 – $50 per month.

Many smaller dating sites do not offer this access. They often require to to pay the monthly sign up fee BEFORE you can test out the site or talk to other single users. If the site has a small group of users, you may not be able to find a compatible match local to you.

For this reason, large mainstream dating websites that are created for all users will usually have the best response rate.

You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a free trial or free communication weekend to test out whether or not the site is for you. On the other hand, dating websites like jersey dating are fairly large and well run. They allow seniors’ access to many other members in their age range to meet up with locally.