How to Clean Wood Floors while avoiding common Mistakes: Ultimate Guide with an infographic

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Many people are often in the conception that wooden floors are quite delicate and require extra care. But this is frankly the fact since the hardwood floors come with polyurethane-finishing and that is the main reason why it becomes compulsory for you to maintain them. If you have installed them for the first time and needs some guidance on how to clean wood floors, then make sure you first avoid the common mistakes and then consider some of the right products with you to clean them such as baking soda, bona hardwood floor cleaner and the microfiber mop since it gives better cleaning without causing any harm.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

In every two months, you need to wet clean the surface with the help of Bona hardwood floor spear. You simply have to sparingly the spray with a measurement of small 3-foot by 3-foot area and use the mop to clean it. Make sure you work on the way around the floor and clean one area at one single time. If there is any kind of stain then you can use the fuzzy tennis ball to clean it. But of the stain is quite dark then damp cloth with baking soda applied on it can help you. But make sure after that you rinse it well with a damp paper towel and dry it well.

Common mistakes to avoid:

Take off the Shoes

While cleaning the floor you are advised to take your shoes off since it carries a heavy amount of dirt. To make sure the floor remain clean the entire time, make sure you remove shoes and the wash off the floors gently.

Vacuum is not enough:

You might feel that vacuum is the best option to remove dirt and debris but that does not mean it would remove all those dirt that gets stored up in the cracks. Rather, the best way to use is the oval floor brush which has the strong bristles but gentle enough for the floors so that scratching signs does not occur.

Spill must be cleaned immediately

At times, spills may accidents happen but if you let them get dried on the floor then the whole finishing would look dull. But to make sure you maintain the floor, you must blot them with an absorbent cloth. Using a little water puddle on the floor can be helpful at such times.

Follow these tips and see the results on how amazing your wooden floor looks after using such cleaning hacks.