How to Find The Best Brain Injury Attorney


Traumatic brain injury is nothing to be treated lightly. Just one violent knock to the head can be enough to cause damage or bruising inside the brain tissue. It also can cause brain tissue to be torn. If brain damage happens, it can negatively impact the person’s life in many ways for years.

Brain injuries can happen in many ways. You may be in a serious car accident. A store display could topple as a result of it being installed incorrectly. You could slip and fall on a spill that a restaurant failed to clean up. Someone could shove you and cause a fall. You may be punched in the head during a fight. A mistake could also be created during birth that causes brain injury in a newborn. These are just a few ways brain injuries occur. Take none of them lightly. For more information on brain injuries, please visit the website

Some people who have suffered concussions end up with dementia late in life. Some brain bleeds cause strokes. In tragic cases of brain injury, death can happen. However, you may not fully grasp the full impact in the future if you suffer a traumatic brain injury. You may suffer from migraines that make it difficult to perform simple tasks some days. It may be harder to recall the details you need to finish your daily tasks. You may have vision loss that makes it impossible for you to drive.

When the brain injury is a result of someone else’s negligence, it is time to contact an attorney. You could have medical bills and lost wages for months and years after a traumatic brain injury. You should not have to get into debt because of some other person’s carelessness.

How Does Someone Realize The Most Effective Brain Injury Attorney?

If you seek compensation for a traumatic brain injury, hiring a knowledgeable lawyer is essential. A lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injury law has the expertise needed for clients to obtain compensation from those who caused the injury.

Word of mouth is often a good way to begin your search for a traumatic brain injury attorney. However, it is not the most effective means. Your friend or colleague’s recommendation is unlikely to be based on a scenario that matches yours. An automotive accident lawyer could also be excellent at handling cases involving drunken driving. However, such a lawyer may not have expertise with a slip and fall that caused a brain injury.

Start your search by looking at recent brain injury trials and settlements in your state. Get names of attorneys named in those cases. As you research, you will begin to see names of lawyers who represented clients in more than one case. Research those attorneys and see how the cases turned out. If they won, ask how they bill their clients. Most personal injury law companies work on contingency. If they take your case and do not win, you do not pay them. You need a lawyer who gives free consultations and works on contingency.

It is important to know the attorney’s statistics. Lawyers who win the most verdicts are the best choice to deliver the results you seek. If possible, see if they have a page on their website that lists settlements and verdicts they have secured for their clients. If you don’t see settlement listings online, call and ask.

You need a lawyer who is there for you at any time of the day or night. Your lawyer should not limit your time to business hours. If you are working and do not get home until 6 p.m., what good is a lawyer who will consult only until 3 p.m.? Search for lawyers who are available 24 hours a day. Seek out attorneys who will communicate via email, chat or text if that is important to you.

If the firm you call will not take your case, bear in mind does not necessarily mean you can’t win. Some lawyers do not have experience with certain types of cases. They may think the case would take too many hours than they can spend. They may have a conflict of interest if they worked for the company or person that caused your brain injury. If they will not take your case, ask why and see if they will refer you to someone else.