How To Know If You Should Enroll in an Intensive Outpatient Program in Houston


How do I know if IOP is right for me?

The ideal addiction treatment program for you may not immediately apparent when you begin your search. Learning about the various programs and the services they provide will help you make an informed decision. It may also help you decide whether you need inpatient care or can get well with an IOP (intensive outpatient program).

The Importance of Knowing When to Choose an IOP

Within the continuum of therapy for treating addiction, you will discover a variety of programs, ranging from those that are incredibly organized to others that are very flexible. People at high risk for relapse or living in precarious living circumstances may need the structure and supervision provided by a residential treatment program throughout the clock.

The next stage would be to move to a partial hospitalization program, often known as a PHP, which helps patients gradually integrate into the real world with all the triggers and temptations that come along with it. Individuals unable to participate in residential therapy but need a greater degree of care may benefit significantly from this alternative.

An intense outpatient program is the next stage on the continuum of care after inpatient treatment (IOP). If any of the following apply to you, harsh outpatient treatment may be the best choice for your recovery:

  • You have finished either a residential or partial inpatient treatment for your mental health condition.
  • You have been through treatment for addiction in the past, but you have relapsed.
  • You enrolled in a conventional outpatient treatment program but quickly realized that it did not provide the level of support necessary for your recovery.
  • Integrating responsibilities into daily life is one step further, continued by an IOP. You get the same level of care although spending less time at the treatment facility.

The Facts You Need to Know Before Choosing an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

It’s tempting to opt for a shorter-term addiction treatment program. You may already feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to put in at work and home, and the prospect of taking on more may seem impossible. Here are some things to consider before committing to an intense outpatient program for your rehabilitation:

  • Individuals who have previously engaged in therapy for their addiction may benefit from an IOP. Even if your addiction is minimal, these programs are not designed to be your beginning point for recovery. An intake evaluation is a good indicator of whether or not you might benefit from an IOP.
  • You should get in touch with the clinic to see whether the hours of operation for their intense outpatient program work for you. The typical commitment to an IOP is three days a week, between two and four hours a session. For your convenience, certain places are open late or on the weekend.
  • If you don’t come from a loving and accepting household, IOPs could not work for you. You may need the encouragement of loved ones to stay on track now that you’ll be spending less time at the center. Sober living communities are a good option if your current living arrangements hinder your sobriety.

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