How To Plan Your Budget When Building A Playground: 5 Things To Consider


Although it’s the first step, the building phase of a playground isn’t the only one that you have to think about. Many institutions opt for grants for playground because of how costly it is to construct and maintain a playground. Getting assistance, of course, requires you to have a sound plan.

Any plan will need to start with a budget in mind. Building a playground, you have to take into consideration different things. We’ve listed 5 of the most essential factors when it comes to building a playground. Make sure you take note of these for a better chance of getting playground grants from foundations and corporations.

  1. Find out what your budget is

You need to set a budget that you know is realistic for both attaining and spending. The bigger your budget is, the more likely you’ll be able to buy high-quality playground equipment. However, you can always look to compromise with some things than improve them later on when you receive more funds. While the budget won’t be fixed, you should still work around one so you can limit your expenses.

  1. Target an age range for the playground

When you have a budget in mind, you should decide on the age of the children that

Will use the playground. This allows you to make a list of all the equipment that can be realistically implemented on the playground for an inclusive play. A fixed age range also allows you to limit the number of kids that will use the playground which is an important factor as well.

  1. Limit the number of children for the playground

When you apply for grants for playground, you will definitely have to state how many children are expected to use the playground. Limiting the number of children can be done by having staff close access when there are already too many kids playing. By having only the ideal amount of kids playing, their experience won’t be tarnished because of overcrowding which gives them limitless fun as they use the playground.

  1. Source the materials and equipment

It’s better to have contacts that can provide both materials in the building of a playground and a contractor that can install the equipment that you’ll purchase. Sometimes, a contractor will also offer their services to build equipment from scratch. This is entirely up to you because you’ll be deciding the budget early on. Landscaping, surfacing, shade, and installation are all essential. The amenities might drive up the costs if you don’t optimize.

  1. Find out the maintenance costs for the playground

Although we’ve only discussed the construction of a playground, you should still plan ahead for the maintenance of it. Maintenance costs should be factored in for at least the first year of operation. Not doing so can cause the playground to deteriorate at a fast pace which can drive down the quality of play for the kids that are going to use it.

Thinking about your next project and wondering where you can ask for grants for playground? Contact General Recreation to learn more about the overall process of finding funding and top-quality playground equipment.