How to Teach Children to Read and Write in English


Being a parent, it would be your responsibility to help teach children to write and read in English. It would not be wrong to suggest that these essential skills would affect how the child performs in school. It would also be largely helpful to the children in acquiring lucrative jobs when they become an adult.

You could take essential steps to teach children to write and read in English proficiently, especially at a relatively young age. It would assist them for preschool and kindergarten. It would ensure that they do not fall behind.

Teaching kids to read and write in English

Let us delve on the various aspects of how to teach children to write and read in english.

How to make your Child read in English


  • Singing the Alphabet song with your Child


It would be recommended that you sing the alphabet song with your child often when he or she is a toddler. Encourage the child to sing it without your assistance.

Maybe you prefer to teach them Spanish and wish to sing KLS Espanol songs with them since they absolutely need to know their mother tongue.

  • Inquire about the Letters on the Flashcard


You could show the child alphabet flashcards and inquire about the letter. In the event of the child unable to name the letter on a specific card, you could tell him the correct answer. It would help the child to start associating with the letters with their correct written forms.


  • Writing the Word on a Piece of Paper


Read the word to your child and make them repeat it. The child should be required to make the initial, middle, and ending sound of the word on their own.

How to make your Child write in English


  • Make them Learn how to hold a Pencil in a proper manner


Start with making the children understand how to hold a pencil in a proper manner. The right manner would help them write without any significant problem. Holding the pencil properly is the initial mode of learning how to write.


  • Make the Child to trace the Letters


You could draw the figures on a piece of paper. It could be inclusive of the circle, vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, cross, and more. The child should be made to trace the figures and make the same figure on the other side.

These essential tips and tricks would be a great exercise for children to learn reading and writing skills from a young age. It would also ensure that the child is prepared for learning about reading in English at the school.