How to Work As An Immigration Consultant In Toronto


The immigration consultant, also called a visa consultant, has the responsibility of helping people who are relocating to Canada from another country. The main role of these consultants is to ensure that clients can avoid the legal issues that sometimes arise in international relocation. The immigration can help clients get their visas, as well as other immigration documentation required to complete the immigration process.

If you’re in need of an immigration or visa consultant, the consultant should provide you with guidance and advice on how to get the right documentation to get into Canada and settle into Toronto. The consultant makes the process smoother, but they are not allowed to provide you with direct legal advice. If you need specific counselling for how to navigate through the legal aspect of immigration, you’ll need to hire an immigration lawyer. The consultant also has to know how to work with strict guidelines to get your paperwork in before the deadline.

Immigration Consultants Are a Liaison

Even though the consultant can’t provide legal advice for you, the immigration consultant does have to communicate with authorities. The consultants usually talks to the immigration authorities via email or phone. Immigration consultants know that each client must be treat as an individual, which means that your immigration process will suit your specific needs. If you need a translator to give you a better understanding of the immigration process and how to fill out paperwork, the immigration consultant should provide this for you. Your visa and immigration consultant has to have a thorough understanding of the border control process as well and the legislation that comes with living in Canada legally.

Further Information On the Immigration Consultant Job Description

Your consultant has the responsibility to oversee all parts of visa and immigration service. The process should be as seamless as possible for you. The consultant will conduct an interview for you so that you can start the application process face to face. There are several things a consultant can tell about a person during a live meeting that may not be obvious with email or phone communication. This is how consultants determine if an individual wants to enter the country for adverse reasons.

One of the main reasons immigration consultants are assigned to help you with your immigration paperwork is that the consultant can expedite the process so that your documents get to the government within the right time limits. Your paperwork must be accurate and correct, or it will be sent back for correction.  If your paperwork is turned in late, you may have to start the process all over again.

There are also fees association with the immigration process. Your immigration consultant should inform you about the fees upfront and will let you know what you are required to pay based on your reasons for moving to Toronto. The immigration has to maintain a positive relationship with colleagues so they can get you the information you need so you won’t go through the immigration process the wrong way. You should be able to depend on your consultant to get visas and/or green cards for you without a hassle.