Ideas in Saving Cash on your Toronto Trip


Toronto, ON, CA

Toronto Trip Money-Savers

Toronto is definitely a multi-ethnic city that is worthy to be explored. It has a lot of things and activities to offer aside from its renowned CN Tower. You will not run out of places to see while you are in the city. However, you may find yourself to be constantly in close proximity to temptations so if you will not keep your guards up, you may end up flat broke. You have to remember all the time that a penny saved is a penny earned. But worry not as it does not mean that you have to sulk in your hotel room as you can still have fun while saving your dime.

“Value hotels can be found in Younge Street. You can book for a room with lower rates and take advantage of its convenient location that provides you easy access to attractions and essential business establishments.

Below are money-savers that can help you in keeping tabs on your bucks while you are having a great time in your Toronto trip.

  • Value hotels lay just right off Younge Street. You can get a clean and comfortable guestroom for a song. In addition, these lodges have convenient locations, putting everything you need within your reach as most of properties are walking distance from attractions, restaurants and subway stations. Find more hotels to fit any budget on
  • There are ample cheap eats that you will find in St. Lawrence Market and Art Gallery. You can walk freely into this establishment. It served as a city hall in the 18th century so it is historical as well. You will also have an option to just buy fresh foods if you feel like cooking. Dining in the restaurants located in here has many benefits as it also gives you access to the art gallery on the second floor of the building.
  • If would not be wandering through the suburbs of the city, you will not need a car. It is easy to roam around the town either on foot or buses. The mass transit of Toronto is extensive and gets extended especially in summer season in order to make traveling convenient to tourists.
  • Set out on an adventure to Toronto’s Ravine. Ride on your bike or go for some hiking in the forest trails and see cocoons, coyotes and other animals along the way. For all you know, you might spot an elusive white-tail deer. There are several routes that you can take such as Beltline and Central Ravines.
  • While CN Tower is a favorite attraction in the city (that should not be missed as well), you may be surprised to know that you can get a better glimpse of the city’s skyline if you will go to Panorama Lounge that can be found at Manulife Center’s 51st floor. This will allow you to have a look at the CN Tower itself.

You can still have a blast in Toronto even if you are a cheapskate. You can do an occasional splurging if you want but if you do not have much pocket money, it will be best to stick with fun money-savers.