Immigration Lawyer – A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed


There are some situations when hiring an immigrant lawyer is the only option to put your problem to rest. You don’t always need a lawyer’s help while applying for a green card or an immigrant visa in the USA or overseas. Those with a clean record can easily qualify for the sought-after benefits. But not are so lucky. It’s less likely to get a green card or visa for those with a criminal record or negative face-off with immigration officers without an immigration lawyer’s help.

In this write-up, we will introduce you some critical situations where a lawyer’s intervention is the only way to guide you through the sloppy and slippery paths of plights to comfort and complacency.

If You Fail to Figure out Your Options

Let’s imagine a scenario where an employer is looking for a skilled laborer. A worker is entitled to green cards or multiple visas but it’s really not easy to figure out which works best or fastest for him or her. An immigration lawyer, on strength of professional expertise and experience, can help both the parties – employer and worker – determine which visa will best meet the employer’s needs and the job seeker’s qualification.

Similar issues are likely to surface in different types of visa situations. In all these cases involving some critical issues, the visa applicants stand to gain benefits by hiring an experienced immigration lawyer.

Whether you are a business owner looking for a competent worker or a job seeker looking for a suitable job in the USA, neither you will be interested in untangling the knotty issues of immigration nor do you have plenty of time to understand the puzzling details. It’s the forte of the immigration lawyers who have deep and detailed knowledge of immigration laws.

If You Find Yourself in Immigration Court Proceedings

Finding yourself in immigration court proceedings will feel like more than nightmares as it brings a fountain of consequences that won’t spell well for your future. At this point, dilly-dallying will only prolong your trauma and take you far away from obtaining your visa. So, to put that possibility to an end, the only viable course of action is to hire an immigration lawyer.

If the proceedings are yet to be complete, your future is in the courts’ hands and the situation makes all the differences between people like you and those not in proceedings. Even if the proceedings are finished, your lawyer will be able to tell if the outcome will negatively affect your current application.

If You Are Inadmissible

The commonest issue encountered by the wane-be immigrants is the consulate or the USCIS claims that they are not admissible for one or more reasons. The commonest examples include previously supplying false documents to the US government, undergoing any financial quagmire that might result into labeling a possible public charge against you or having perpetrated a crime. If you are sure any of these applies to your case, don’t walk, and rather run to get legal advice before the application process even starts.

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