Important Things To Know About Sports Betting In South Korea


People are fond of watching entertainment during their free time. This is also true in South Korea and other parts of the world. What’s actually exciting is the fact that a lot of viewers place their bets on different local and international competitions. Some of them win and double their money, that’s if you are lucky enough. While others lose the chance of getting that cash in the pot. That’s how gambling works, anyway. Therefore, you have to be smart on betting, especially when you do it online because you have to bet on a 메이저사이트, which are legally operated.

With this type of activity over the Internet, real money is involved. Now, if you are not going to choose a trustworthy site, then your fund is not secured. You should know that sports betting is not just for fun, even if you are just throwing away that fund after betting on a wrong choice. Let’s say that this is a form of entertainment because you are enjoying, while watching the live events. However, you are also investing some dime, that’s why you have to pick a good team. The more you win, the more money you make.

But this does not mean that you will consider this activity as a source of income or a habit because that is actually not a good idea. Let’s say that, you should only treat this as a way to kill time and make sure that you will not be addicted to it. Anyway, as a local and foreign individuals of South Korea, who is wagering on sports, there are a few things that you should know about this activity. These are important, so you should be aware and familiarized with it.


Are you aware that the government is against any form of gambling in South Korea before? During that time, the authorities are very strict in catching every operator as well as gamblers in the country. But later on, it was minimized to help in promoting tourism. In my opinion, this is a good idea because we cannot avoid having tourists, who likes going to casinos for relaxation.

That’s why in 1997, they have started Sports Proto and Toto. They now have casinos, where only foreign visitors are allowed. This is not bad, anyway because the government just wanted to control and discipline the locals. But sooner or later, there will be more casinos, which will be opened for the Koreans. It means that they will not only place money on matches, but online casinos as well.

Legality of Sports Betting

First of all, you have to know, if gambling on a particular sport is legal – check for more details. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, it is a must to practice legal activities, to set a good example to other locals or nationalities. Anyway, it is legal to bet on games in South Korea. They actually have the Sports Toto or the pari-mutuel and the Proto.

These started in 2001 with the aim of promoting leisure and sporting in the country as well as to collect funds. That’s why, you cannot actually take all that money in the pot because a certain amount will proceed to the Sports Promotion Fund. This is used in supporting players, who are joining various international competitions.

However, there are also individuals, who are not contented with betting online. Some of them gamble and play the casino as well. You should know that online gambling is illegal, especially to the locals. But those who do this in South Korea must make sure that they are placing their bets on a website, which is operated outside the country. Once caught, the IP address will be blocked and you will receive a warning. I supposed, this will stop you because the police officers can trace your location. If you are a citizen of this country, then you may be arrested, spend the night in jail and will pay a certain penalty.


Another important thing that you should take into consideration, is the fund and where you are going to use it. A lot of gambling sites are out there, so you should make sure that your fund will not go to a scammed site. If you are visiting South Korea and you would like to try this betting site, then choose the most reliable one to avoid wasting your fund.

If you would like to have money for gambling online, then you should have an e-wallet. This is like a wallet that you used to keep in your pouch or pocket, but this is just digitalized. That’s the reason why you can use it online.

To have a fund, you should register an account through the Skrill, Kakao Pay and Lotte Pay to name a few. In my opinion, you should choose the ones that will not require you to open a bank account in the country, especially when you do not have plans of staying for a long time. I guess, it would be ideal to create an e-wallet, where Visa or Master cards are accepted.

Sports to Bet

You may place your bets on various games, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf and football to name a few – go here to learn more. For every type of game, there are different options for wagering. I supposed, you would like to place your money on the favorites, where you will have better odds and more chances of winning. Actually, you may gamble on predicting the winning or losing team as well when it is a draw. And then, you may also wager on the scores of the first half as well as the second half of the matches.

If you will notice, the games come with different way of betting because scores are gained differently. For example, in basketball, you may predict the ending scores of 2 – 3 matches. While for the baseball, they may predict on the homeruns and the teams with the highest points.