Industries Booming Through The Past Year


The past year has been a difficult period for many of us, as we have all been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 in one way or another. Although the majority of us have been affected in a negative way, there have been some business out there that have been able to benefit through this period due to the nature of their businesses and below we are looking at some of the industries that have benefitted specifically.

One of the main industries that has been able to benefit during this period has been online e-commerce sites such as Amazon and ASOS. These particular sites have both increased revenue during the height of the pandemic due to a handful of reasons. The benefits of e-commerce sites are that they offer an easier way to do online shopping, and with the pandemic causing worry amongst shoppers, they can now do this safely through online shopping. Furthermore, shopping online can also offer a whole range of sites competing against each other which ensures lower prices for us consumers.

The online entertainment business has also been another business that has benefitted during this period as many of us have struggled to complete in our usual forms of entertainment like cinema or retail shopping. Companies like Netflix has said that they have also had a rise in consumers during the height of the pandemic as many of us have used the streaming service as a sole form of entertainment during the pandemic. Moreover, online gambling has also seen a rise in numbers during this time, with some sites that can be found here which are showing just why they have been so successful. These particular sites are offering some of the best UK online casinos on the market and have created one of the best areas for online gambling during this pandemic for those looking to create a profit from the comfort of their own homes.

And finally, the last industry that has been benefitting during the pandemic is the hand sanitizing and personal protection equipment industry due to the rise of the pandemic. Pre-COVID, hand sanitizing was a thing but the demand for the product since the pandemic hit in the UK in March has gone through the roof and we expect this demand to continue. On this same pattern, wearing masks was also virtually non-existent before the pandemic but with them being mandatory, the demand for these types of products has boomed and something that will continue in the coming years.