Install Scratch-Resistant Pet-Friendly Flooring If You Own Furry Friends

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For pet lovers, their furry friends are an integral part of their family. However, having pets can be harsh on the floors of your house and you need to get a floor installed that gets easily cleaned and is scratch resistant at the same time. Even if it has been a single occasion when you forgot to trim their nails, scratching the floor is very much a possibility.

The good news is that there are many flooring options available that are pet-friendly and allow your furry animals to run around with ease. You can contact a local business owner to inquire regarding the availability of different styles of pet-friendly flooring.

If you are looking for hiring a contractor to install new flooring in your house that is scratch resistant, you can look for various registered companies on the Bleen business directory. You can check out their ratings and ask for quotes. You can also filter local companies based on the availability of pet-friendly flooring materials and if they provide professional installation for the same or not.

Floors that you should avoid if you have pets

1.     Carpets:

  •         Carpets can easily trap fur and dander which could be very difficult to clean.
  •         Along with dirt, if the pet brings in ticks and other pests, they can also get trapped in the carpet fibers.
  •         You need a daily cleaning routine for carpets if you have pets.

2.     Hardwood:

  •         It is a very high-maintenance flooring and can easily get scratched when your dogs run on it.
  •         Unless you are ready to spend a lot of money on its maintenance, you should avoid hardwood floors if you have pets.

Pet-friendly flooring options

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Now that the 2 most common flooring options are out of the equation for pet-owners, here are some pet-friendly flooring materials:

1.     Vinyl:

  •         These are scratch, dent, and moisture-resistant floorings.
  •         It provides a highly durable option that even looks luxurious for pet owners.
  •         It is easy to install, affordable, and requires minimal maintenance.
  •         You can choose from various styles of textured surfaces that give your home the same aesthetics as wood floors.

2.     Laminate:

  •         There are many styles of laminate that you can choose from depending upon your taste.
  •         Laminates can look like wood floors, metals, and even stone floors.
  •         Laminate is very durable and can easily bear scratches from the nails of your pets when they are running around the house.
  •         It is very easy to clean the laminate floor with a regular mop.
  •         However, steer away from gloss finish laminate floors as they can make the flooring accident-prone for your pets that can easily slip on such floors.

3.     Tiles:

  •         Tiles are stylish and very easy to maintain.
  •         While it is a preferred option for dog owners, it can also be a little more expensive than the other 2 choices.

Explore your options thoroughly and check now on Bleen for contractors that have availability of these flooring options and who can also provide a budget-friendly installation service for the same.