Is It Smart To Buy Soundcloud Plays Or Is It Wasting Money?


People on SoundCloud today boost their profiles with buying plays, likes, comments, shares, etc. It’s the only way to make an image of success without trying too hard. Learn more on SoundCloud here.

Some people say that there are disadvantages to buying stuff like this and creating a complete profile. In this article, we’re talking about some of them and we’ll make a final decision about is it better to do it or not! Here are some of the disadvantages first.


You can’t know what you listeners like

The main reason is to know who is listening to your music. But unfortunately, if you buy the plays, you can’t track who is listening to your music and from which part of the world. Promoting your career in music can be a total failure if you prepare to be a music star in a country that doesn’t listen to you.

This is not marketing!

Unfortunately, even though you have paid for the plays, you have to pay a marketing manager to be spotted and successful. No matter how many you buy, you still have to pay other marketing services.

Buying a lot of plays is too much!

You can never know how many are enough or too much. The perfect amount would boost your song, but too much will be very recognizable to listeners. So this can be a bit of a problem to choose.

The work is not finished with buying plays!

You have to get likes, comments, questions and answers, shares, and any other communication in order not to be so obvious that you bought all those plays. So, to achieve that, you should start commenting and liking, and after a while, you’ll realize you have to buy them too. That’s more expensive.

You can be a victim of a fraud

So many websites for buying plays are available so the possibility to get scammed is not small. You have to make research and pay to a very reliable online company. That’s why you need to be sure who you’re giving your money to before you actually do it. See here how to know who’s who:

The best idea, in this case, is to look them up online and see some of the reviews and comments other people left for them. Everything’s available on the internet and finding out details about any company is more than easy.


Plays promote you as a serious artist

People get likes and plays because they show to the world that you already have a base of fans and listeners. Your music is already recognized. This helps ordinary listeners to accept your work better. It’s well known that people will feel more close to your work if others already gave you good critics. It’s how we are humans, there’s nothing we can do.

They make a complete profile

Think about it, you open some artist’s profile and you see a dozen of songs but on a few plays on their tracks. Are you going to explore them one by one?

Now think about a celebrity having millions of plays on some song. Are you going to click to see what all the fuzz is about? Of course, you will! Now think about seeing that some of the other tracks only have a few thousand likes. You won’t waste time on them, right? You’ll be looking for that million-play song.

It’s completely normal, we are only humans and that’s how the brain works. If you want to be successful you need to create a successful profile. When listeners recognize your style, they’ll start following you and soon you’ll not need buying plays, they’ll come by themselves.

Of course, to do this, you need to make some quality tracks that people will like. The marketing on its own doesn’t work unless you have something else to give it a push. The combination of the two together is the most powerful one. With it, you’ll be able to aim and reach the stars.

Final verdict

If you compare everything we wrote here you’ll easily see the bad and the good sides of buying SoundCloud plays. There are some pros and some cons for the same thing. It’s up to you to decide which one is a more serious reason to do it or not to do it.

Based on our experience, we can say that having more plays is absolutely better than not having. Having in mind the price for a few thousand plays, it’s clear that getting them is much better than not.

Also, understanding that you can’t make it in the industry without using marketing tricks will give you a clear idea why it’s better to do it instead of waiting for people to come and make the hits alone.