Know about these places where Vaping is illegal


Did you know that usage of e-cigarettes in these destinations is totally banned? You must be very careful when you travel to these places and remember to dispose of the e-juice completely your bags and then visit them. These places may not interest the Vapers; for sure, however, knowing about them can save you from committing something illegal.

People who are going to Cambodia must make sure that they do not carry their E-liquid Mate along with them because there has been strict law which has been imposed on Vaping. Ending up behind bars for addiction is meaningless. You need to make sure to either quit Vaping for those numbers of days when you traverse around Kempuchia or live with your habit and not visit this beautiful place with a great history.

If you are interested to feel what prison in Thailand looks like then, try your luck by Vaping. Possibilities of being imprisoned for a decade is guaranteed if you are caught with an e-cigarette loaded with e-juice. With these strict laws in place don’t you think you must be careful when you are traveling to these countries?

Well, Argentina is another country where even the nicotine-free e-cigarettes are also banned not only from the usage but also people who sell or buy them can be part of the crime. Hence, Argentina isn’t definitely safe for people who Vape.

Despite e-juices being banned in several countries like Taiwan, Egypt and some parts of India; there are a lot of people who travel scot-free, and the same would be spread amongst the other fellow-travelers too. But if caught the law would be totally strict, and you may end up facing a lot of consequences, So, do you think risking your life is worth it for e-cigarettes in an unknown country for years together?