Know The Difference Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil


CBD Oil and other Cannabidiol-containing productsare allowed in the United Kingdom following regulations set forth by CBD oil UK law. The law limits the amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC per product aside from the fact that these oils and balms does not cause psychoactive effects.

However, there is some misconception going around that CBD oil and hemp oils are basically the same and are interchangeable. There are properties that are similar to these products, but there are significant differences that a prospective consumer should know before purchasing any of the oils, balms and CBD capsules available.

One such difference is in the sources where these oils are extracted. Hemp oil is basically extracted from that seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD oils on the other hand are extracted from the leaves, stems, flowers and stalks of the plant where the highest concentration of the active cannabinoid content can be found. That is why there are significant differences in the CBD properties between these two oils.

Other notable differences between hemp oil and CBD oil includes the method of extraction, the Cannabinoid content and nutritional value, and the differences on the benefits one can get from these oils. It would be best to know these differences and the following infographic from Love CBD can be a useful resource to consider and avoid the consequences of using the wrong product.