Lancer Beverage field of work


Lancer beverage is an Australian company that has been working for more than 50 years. It has extensive experience and knowledge in soft drink, draught beer and frozen beverage dispensing market. They provide their customer with utmost service and quality products as per their requirement. The venue owners are served with a product that can fulfill their vision with respect to specialty beverages and unique décor.

Lancer beverage Beer Taps can be found in many leading Australian pubs, clubs and entertainment venues. They provide their services to both large and small venues. Lancer beverage is the only Australian company that has received three ISO certifications that are internationally recognized. Their primary focus is on quality, sustainability, and safety of their products. They even provide maintenance and repair service to their customers.

List of ISO certification

  • ISO 9001 Quality certification: Lancer beverages has earned the ISO 9001 Quality certification by providing quality products to its customers. ISO 9001 Quality certification primarily focuses on the meeting of customer requirements with effectiveness.
  • AS 4801 Safety certification: AS 4801 Safety certification recognizes the safety practices carried on by the service provider. Lancer beverage has achieved this certification through its reduction and elimination of risks at the workplace.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental certification: Lancer beverages has been recognized for it’s effective and continuous fulfillment of the duty towards the environment. ISO 14001 Environmental certification verifies the impact of the activities carried out by the industry on the environmental conditions. They check whether the company is fulfilling the regulatory requirements and voluntary objectives.

Lancer beverage specialization

  • Bar & Founts: Lancer beverage with their expertise convert the vision of the customer to reality. They use their knowledge and experience to create the perfect bar for the venue of the customers. Lancer beverage builds the dream of the customer. They use their ability to full use in manufacturing the founts.
  • Cellar fit out: Lancer beverage is a beverage dispensing industry that creates a perfect cellar for you. Lancer beverage provides the necessary equipment to build a new cellar or remodel the existing one. They provide long-lasting solutions to the problem of having a perfect cellar that can keep up with the demand.
  • Microbrewing: Lancer beverage provides an explosion of microbrewers and craft beers. Microbrewers encourage the drinker to get a vivid experience with the beverage. Microbrewing helps you to store and pour the best beer.