Laying An Area Rug Over Carpet: What You Should Know

Home Improvement

You love your long lasting carpet, but sometimes we all need to switch things up just a bit. For those particularly bold homeowners who are ready to shake up the interior décor of the home, an area rug may be just what you need.

You’re probably thinking to yourself that area rugs are better suited for placement on hardwood or tile flooring, but a carefully chosen area rug can be just as effective on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. You just need to know how to do it right. Here are some tips to help you do just that, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Carpet Cleaning Service In Taylorsville.

Why an Area Rug?

There are a number of popular reasons why consumers turn to area rugs as a way to beautify their homes. They grow tired of their carpeting but don’t have the time or the budget to devote to replacing it. Sometimes the carpet has sustained some form of damage that is far easier to conceal with an attractive area rug than have repaired.

In many cases, an area rug need not be a solution to any problem that goes further than simply trying to give any room a fresh, new aesthetic through using color, texture, and design.

Attributes to Keep in Mind

When deciding to lay an area rug over carpet, the most important things you should know are how to incorporate the basic aesthetics of your preferred rug into the room where you plan to put it.

Color plays a rather significant role in finding the right area rug. You don’t want to place anything that will clash with the carpet or the overall décor of the rest of the room. Always keep the surrounding furnishings, including the carpet beneath it, in mind when you are selecting the color of your rug.

Patterns can also factor heavily in your decision. Consider your color palette when you decide on the type of pattern you wish to introduce into the room. In most cases, your best bet is to avoid placing a patterned area rug on top of a patterned carpet.

Textures are also critical to consider as you definitely don’t want to match the texture of your area rug to your carpet. You usually want to place your rug over a short pile carpet or looped carpet. Think about the plushness of your carpeting and select an area rug that will work well placed against it, without allowing it to blend in entirely.

Use a Rug Pad

It may sound strange but you do need to place a rug pad beneath any rug you choose to lay down over your existing carpet. You will typically use such a pad on your hardwood floor but doing so with an area rug will prevent it from shifting or slipping in place and keep the carpet underneath from wrinkling while you’re at it.

These pads won’t just keep the rug in place and keep your carpet from rippling, they are also ideal for preventing any damage to the fibers of the carpeting.