Learn the Basic Ways of Playing Blackjack with Bitcoin


What is Blackjack?

The name is derived from a successful promotional scheme. In order to promote this game which was named 21 at that time, Las Vegas gambling committees decided to disperse bonus payouts if a black jack or clubs or spades were dealt with Ace of Spades. The bonus doesn’t exist anymore, but the name does. When this game was compared with other casino games, offline, online or crypto casino, this game had the smallest house edge. In other words, when calculated in terms of probability, you are most likely to win. You don’t have to compete with other players, only the dealer. If you are lucky, you also have a say on whether you win, how you did it and what you decide to do with your cards. Somebody else can have the exact cards and play them in a different way entirely.


The gist is to get 21. The closest is the winner between you and the dealer. If scored 22 or more, it is a bust and you lose. In this Bitcoin game, every card has a face value, but the Ace which can be deemed as 1 or 11, and you can choose its value to make it a favorable card for you. Suits are totally irrelevant. You face up the card, then other players, then the dealer. The same goes for the second card. But, if dealer’s first is up, the second is down.

If you have an Ace with a 10, King, Queen, or Jack, then it is Natural or Blackjack, and you win. After the initial deal, it’s time to play. You can Hit, where you are dealt another card, Stand meaning to keep your hand and forcing your dealer to deal, or Doubledown where you can bet up to 100 percent of your original stake in return for dealing one more card.