Let the Look Alike Do the Fun


Smart Jerkoff is one of its kind porn finder. However, it is the first of its kind website which offers similar or we can say look alike faces to the porn finder results. Meanwhile, this website is the only to offer this kind of ability or service to its customers in the whole wide world.

Have you ever thought of imagining your girlfriend or boyfriend or crush while seeking pleasure ? While watching an adult movie, have you replaced the characters and imagined your partner instead?

The feature of the website offering the feature of finding similar faces to that of the porn world. Similar faces of your girlfriend, boyfriend or crush could be detected by the website with the help of the search option.

The search option in the website of the homepage will help the viewer to the face recognition ability. The viewer has to simply upload a picture of the individual he or she imagines of. The website will search the look alike face with the help of the face recognition feature.

This unique feature helps the viewer to enjoy its pleasured time with the person who is a look like in front of him or her in form of a video. However, the video is made is form of a story where the adult entertainment comes by with the story line.

Even if the viewer does not wants to use this unique feature that the website has to offer he or she can simply go to the homepage and look at the variety of videos that are available for the viewer. This is for sure that the viewer will be spoilt for choices that he wants to view at that time as there are a number of options in form of videos available.