Logan Mason Is Part of Spotlight Family Businesses with an Assortment of Quilts

Home Improvement

Spotlight is an Australian family owned business with stores throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand. They have more than 6,700 employees who are committed to offering the best service, expertise and price in fabrics, crafts as well as homeware to millions of customers each year.


Spotlights’ founders were taught about fabrics when they worked at their stall this family had at “Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market” during the early 1970s. This family’s strong drive as well as business insights encouraged them to open their very first Spotlight store in September 1973 in and have only grown in strength ever since.

Presence has grown

Spotlight’s has a presence that has grown, so has a range of products. Spotlight has over 100 stores across the areas of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, with hundreds of brands and thousands of products to offer their customers.

Spotlight store

When you head into a store of Spotlight, you can find almost anything that you need to get for your home. Dining spaces and kitchen, bedrooms and lounge, laundries and bathrooms are all covered by one of your local Spotlight stores. The assortments of stores go to craft and haberdashery and have expanded, with their section for party providing you with all the decorations and costumes you need for your next party or celebration. In 2014, they had started to unroll their new online store, so that customers could get information and advise when they couldn’t go to the store.

Family store

Spotlight has come quite far from the family stall for fabric at the “Queen Victoria Market,” and has not lost their affordable prices, personal touch as well as attention to quality which makes them one of the more beloved stores in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.


Logan Mason is part of this organization and sells a range of bed linen and accessories, suited perfectly to the lifestyle of the modern Australian, established from the group of talented Sydney-based textile artists, with the range spanning contemporary designs fashion to staples driven trends, in bold, colourful and beautiful prints on cotton rich fabric.

Quilt covers

Many customersare on the look out for Logan-Mason quilt covers and the reason for this is that the Manchester Collection holds a great variety for your satisfaction. Especially Logan and Mason Super King Quilt covers. These quilt covers add a sophisticated and elegant touch to a bedroom, and they are comfortable and extremely soft to sleep with. Logan and Mason quilt covers are available in a wide assortment of colours and patterns so they can fit the design and feel of any business or home.

There are a lot of customers looking for this Australian brand since it is so well known and is durable but still beautiful. The Manchester Collection stocks several varieties of Logan and Mason quilt covers and any of them will impress any customer looking to sophisticate their bedroom. They have options for king beds, queen beds, double beds, as well as single beds.