Luck of the Irish and the magic themed slot machine


Luck of the Irish and the magic themed slot machine can make a good choice when it comes to the situs judi slot online mudah menang.  There is no need of being superstitious to be able to gravitate to the slot machine which have four leaf clovers, horseshoes, and the pots of gold. The Luck of the Irish themed slot machine will inspire the success of the game plus they are fun to play.

You will at times get a leprechaun host that might be entertaining to cheer you on or to work some magic on the reels for your on advantage. Some of the Irish themed slots include the following:

  • The shamrockers
  • The 9 pots of gold
  • The rainbow riches
  • The golden leprechaun mega ways
  • The Barry Disco leprechaun

While the Barry the Disco leprechaun happens to be one of the unusual Irish themed slots, you could also be able to enjoy the 9 pots of Gold. It doesn’t need to have the same name appeal, but the pots of gold tends to add some bonus prizes which are valuable.

The magic themed slots

Change-o, the presto, magic themed slot machines can make your credit balance to turn into something that could be life changing. The beauty of it all is that,  the slot themes which are magic based, illusions and magicians is that, they seem to work with the custom bonuses as well as the special effects to it.

Without illusions, the following are some of the real slot machine which are magic themed that you should embrace and enjoy

  • The wizard of gems
  • The great gambini’s night magic
  • The Vegas magic
  • The rabbit in the hat

The rabbit in the hat which is produced by the Micro gaming tends to be fun slot machine which is magic themed for players that like non-stop features.