Make Your Outdoors Cooler Than Ever with the Mist Systems


Every year, when the summer comes around, we just cannot go outside without precautions as the sun and UV rays would harm the skin. The heat is just intolerable when the sun comes above our head. With the help of an Air Conditioner, we can cool down the room, but not the outdoors. There is a device built by researchers that can cool down the outdoor temperature to a great extent in no time. It’s known as Mist System. These systems send water droplets into the air so that the outdoor air can get cooled.

Is mist different from fog?

Many people believe that fog and mist are the same as they both look the same. But in reality, they are not the same. Fog is a type of cloud which falls onto the ground, especially in hills and mountains. Fog is also much denser than mist. On the other hand, the mist is formed when small water droplets are suspended in the air for some time. The droplets are so small in size that they remain in the air for quite some time, enough to cool down the temperature.

Does mist system really work?

Cooling down the temperature of the outdoors is not an easy thing. But with the help of arizona mist systems, we can cool down the outdoor temperature by sprinkling small water droplets into the air. This system is best for gardens, outdoor parties, and even for picnic areas as these places can get more hot due to a large number of people. Mist system follows the basic science and is not made just out of ideas blindly. The systems are tested thoroughly before being sold to customers.

How does a mist system work?

The science behind this machine is very simple. The high-pressure pump is connected to the water source in order to increase the pressure of water up to 10 times. This helps the water molecules to be atomized so that the small water droplets can be pushed through the nozzle effortlessly. When these small water droplets are introduced into the air, they float in the air for quite some time. As they come in contact with the outdoor air, the exchange of heat takes place and eventually, evaporation takes place. As soon as the water droplets become too hot, they evaporate, transferring the cold to the air. The machine can keep on sprinkling as long as we want.

Benefits of using a mist system

The arizona mist systems can be used anywhere. Since a large amount of water is sprinkled into the atmosphere as water droplets, we can do more than just cooling down the air. Even the humidity can also be decreased. Such functionalities make it even more useful than the traditional air conditioners. Since it uses a very simple mechanism to work, the power intake is also very less as compared to AC. The outdoor environment can be cooled in no time.