Material Used for Best Bath Bomb Mold


When you are going to start making bath bombs, then you should first try to choose the best molds for bath bombs. So, basically there are 4 kinds of molds: silicone, plastic, aluminum as well as stainless steel. Every set looks different and has a different role. So, know the roles and decide for yourself which one is actually the best bath bomb mold material for you.

The first material is plastic. They are available in different sizes and each pack of molds weighs accordingly. One thing which you can say about plastic molds is that they are highly durable. You can use them over and over again. But, with time, they will crack and has to be changed. However, they are highly affordable and replacing them will not be a major problem.

The second material is the silicone mold. It is also a mold which is often used for cakes as well as candies. One of the major problem with this is you cannot fully pack the bath bomb material in these molds. As they are crafted from silicone, the sides start bulging out. Plus, you should leave them bombs in the molds for a full night which means you would need a group of molds if you are planning to make several bath bombs.

The third material is stainless steel bath bomb molds. They are highly pricey but virtually indestructible. They are simple to use and has a good plain texture so that the bath bombs slide easily. It gives you highly compaction as there is no need to bend the mold. Only one disadvantage is the price. But once you purchase it, you will never have to purchase it again.

Lastly, the most loved one is the stainless steel. You can purchase aluminum one of similar size. They are relatively cheaper so you should definitely try it. Aluminum bath bomb isn’t very smooth in comparison to stainless steel, hence sometimes bath bombs sometimes get stuck. And, if by chance anything falls, then it gets dented and you cannot take the dent back.

So, in order of preference, the most preferred ones are plastic molds and stainless steel molds. However, you can also go for silicone or aluminum under special conditions. But, surely it is wastage of money and time. So, go for stainless steel and plastic molds and they are the best bath bomb mold materials you will ever get.

People who have purchase bath bomb molds of steel and plastic have praised it for its amazing built and purpose. They molds are better and doesn’t get contaminated easily.


If you prefer bath bombs are a lot and you want to try different fragrances during every shower, then you should buy molds for bath bombs online. It is an amazing investment for you. These beautiful, different shape and straightforward molds are perfect for everyone, whether you are a novice or professional. Get the ones you prefer and use them every time to make your favorite fragrance bath bombs and enjoy a relaxing bath.