Meet your File Copying Needs with MS RichCopy


File copying is one job which you possibly carry out daily yet, Windows still can’t perform it right. Copying files on your explorer is quite slow and inflexible and largely holds a lot of copy errors. So, if you need to copy several files on a daily basis over a slow connection, then you really need to get an alternative for it. And one such method is the microsoft richcopy. Yes, the program comes with amazing time-saving features which can help you copy all your files with great ease and perfection.

RichCopy is a multi-threaded program so it can transfer several files simultaneously. And, you can also stop, pause or resume your copying work at any time you want. Or if you just want to stop the copying action for some time, then you can easily do it. If you are going to copy heavy files, then you can choose the RichCopy Time functions which tells work to begin at a particular time and date you have specified.

The software is too fast to download and get installed on any device you use. The best part is its simpler user interface which uses the lowest graphics. It is highly very comfortable to use and quite appealing in appearance. It adds some cutting edge technology to simple file transfer and makes management of files and folders simpler. You can create logs when some action is being done. It will send you periodic reports via email to get your attention for some important occurrences.  Under the scenario, the high usage of system is being contemplated, it is suggested to use the macro record to smoothen the whole procedure and make it handle-able.

When you try to shift large files and data, from one system to the other, it takes a huge amount of time and endless prompts along with several errors related to destination file names being too long which may lead to incomplete transfer. MS RichCopy is the best solution in this regard to transfer all the data files in one go without any prompt command and error generated. It will easily copy all the files in the lowest possible time to give you highest possible satisfaction. The program doesn’t just offer you with multiple benefits but also makes your work simpler by making you no longer worry about the paused extensive files and their flaw to copy themselves from one system to another.

It can easily be installed and has a simpler user interface. However, the advanced version may appear a little complicated but once you get a hang of it, it is very simple to manage. Overall it is an effective means to manage all your files and copy them faster from one location to another. You can either opt for the old version or choose the new version. Both of them are compatible with all your Windows versions. Feel free to download the GS RichCopy and solve all your copying issues in just one go without any problem.