Mutual funds can help secure your future in your retirement. Find out how.


Life of a human being is divided into three stages. Child life is shorted out by the parents, and in the middle age a person is capable enough to take off their life with their earnings, and the last stage is one when if they did not plan anything for their life, may have to face unwanted consequences. With the increasing pattern of the nuclear family in India, people do not live with their parents, and their older parents keep on facing the financial crisis due to non-plan retirement.

To avoid this situation of financial crisis people need to plan their retirement at the early stage with the best investment plan. There are many plans available in the market for the retirement, but all of them are having their own merits and demerits. Top mutual funds provide unique features to investors, making it the best option for the investment for retirement. As give bellow:

Can be started with small amount:

Mutual fund investment option is the best choice for investment for the retirement as it can be started with the little sum of money and does not require investing a big amount at one time.

No expertise needed:

Another important characteristic of mutual fund for retirement is that it does not require a professional knowledge of the market because it is managed by the professionals and who have their experience and expertise in the field.

Less time consuming:

As the mutual fund trading activities are administered by the mutual fund company, the individual investor is not required to invest the vast amount of their precious time after sacrificing their core livelihood.

No Limit of withdrawal:

Unlike other retirement investment plans such as insurance scheme, pension scheme, in which total amount have to withdraw from the scheme to meet their expenses, but with mutual fund investment scheme people are not required to remove their all money from the market. In mutual fund investment, they have the option to withdraw the legitimate amount for their daily or monthly expenses and let remaining investment money make money in the market.

Transparency of trading for smart investors: This is the unique feature of the mutual fund investment. Any person after retirement can have a close eye on the trading activities and market fluctuation and also can take decisions to purchase or sell any fund based on their expertise.

It balances the time risk: The market falls at a particular time may affect the investment as a whole. In other investment plan for retirement of other purpose will be affected as a whole either positive or negative because the investment in such plans is made at one time in lump sum amount, but in case of SIP mutual investment plan the investment is made in terms of small instalment after a particular time interval which is easy to manage and the time risk will affect the investment which is done at a specific period

No Fix time period: This also very important feature of mutual fund investment as unlike insurance scheme, ULIP plan or other plans where you have to lock your money for a pre-decided period, in mutual fund investment plan, every individual investor is free to withdraw their money even in some days only to meet their investment goals and available options.