Need Help after Winning a Huge Lottery? Not Necessarily


How would you feel if you managed to win a lottery one day? That one anticipated moment that you never expected has finally come! You are now the richest person in your city! One can only imagine the emotional, physical and mental excitement that a winner goes through. His happiness would know no bounds. However, when the shock of winning the jackpot itself subsides and one thinks about it pragmatically, they seldom wonder what the best possible way to use their prize money would be! Well, till date, there is no ‘best way’ to use such a big amount of money, but it usually depends on the individual’s desire, wants and presence of mind. That’s what makes winning a lottery even more fun.


Is Hiring a Financial Advisor the Way to Go?

When the Castellano family in California hit a jackpot of more than INR 6,99,62,500, they hired a professional financial advisor for deciding the best possible way to spend their prize money. However, they constantly started receiving calls persuading them to lend the money away. They decided to keep their foot down and responded with a strict ‘No’, as they had a strong plan for spending the money and also managed to execute it very well.

In general, irrespective of whatever advice anyone may offer to the jackpot winners, it ultimately depends on them, their instincts and more importantly their intent on how they want to spend the money to better their own/other’s lives.

The Mindset of the Lottery Winners

Some winners like to show-off their money with expensive and exuberant choices of spending like buying expensive cars, homes or other pricey things. However, some psychologists suggest that the feeling of gaining sudden wealth and riches can often make people isolated from their closest of friends and family as well. Prize winners face many other perils in terms of trap investments, extravagant spending and uncontrolled approach towards their own financial conditions.

However, there are many others who manage to decently plan their money and enjoy it at the same time. Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland won a lottery of crores of rupees. However, they chose not to invest their spending in buying mansions or expensive cars; instead, they bought a decent house, which suited their needs. They planned their spending so well that they could also accommodate the graduation fees of all their grandchildren.

When Ms. Spiller – a single mother, hit a jackpot, she managed to keep her head on her shoulders while planning her expenses and ended up spending very well. When her daughter insisted on buying herself expensive planes and yachts, Ms. Spiller put her foot down with a firm ‘no’ and rejected her demands.

So, indeed, with all the above-mentioned real-life stories, it is clear that when you win a jackpot, you don’t really need advice. All you need is a steady mind and a plan in place to use these huge funds effectively and intelligently in order to not only sustain your living but also ensure a secure future for yourself, your friends and family.

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