Need to record live videos online? Bank on Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac


The virtual world extends a vast and versatile range of live streaming videos for the online audience. You have live webinars by industry experts  to enhance your knowledge and polish your skills. Then, of course there are tutorials, entertainment videos and so on. While catching them live is cool, the problem starts when your schedule clashes with the time of live broadcasting. The sites that stream the live videos don’t exactly offer download option which makes you miss out on the live videos big time. But you can stop worrying now- all thanks to Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac.

Movavi is an internationally acclaimed software developer and its screen recorder for Mac is one of the most highly rated programs in the current tech scene. The post below explains why you should count on Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac.

The Movavi screen recorder software is able to record just any kind of video on Mac. It could be live webinar, video tutorials and even video chats like Skype calls. Not only that, the Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to record anything on your Mac screen. You can easily record how-to video tutorials and upload them on YouTube. The state of the art software also doubles up as gameplay recorder. Put simply, you can record your in-game footage while playing games on Mac to create insightful gaming walkthroughs.

It’s to note here that Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac allows its users to record videos up to 60 fps. However, if you want to compress the file size, you can also record your video in as little as 5 fps. You can set the capture area as per your preferences and record the video in full screen mode or can choose to capture just specific parts of the diplay.

Then, Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac is thoughtfully designed with an automatic recording fucntion. The program is equipped with an in-built timer where you can set the recording time and duration. This way, you will be relieved fom sitting before your Mac throughout the recording session. Once you set the time and duration, the Movavi software will start recording on its own and stop automatically as the duration is reached.

Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac also helps users with video editing functions. You can trim out unwanted parts and enhance the overall video quality.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac:

  • Able to capture any type of video online
  • Allows to capture how-to videos and in-game footage on Mac screen
  • Grabs sound from different sources while recording
  • Records videos automatically
  • Helps with basic video editing

Useful tip:

You can also use Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac to convert your recorded video in any video format.