Planning To Buy Printer Online? Check Out These 4 Elements Before Buying It!


In this competitive era, it’s almost impossible for even the smallest business to survive without a computer or a printer. For many of us, still, important documents and invoices look better on a paper as they are more reliable and act as legal evidence.

However, where underestimating the need of a printer can slow down the growth of your business, picking the wrong printer will definitely impact the day to day operations and ultimately, the profitability of the business. So choosing the right printer is important and here’s how you can do that:

  • Budget: Make sure that the new printer in your office doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. You should not only consider the price of the printer alone but also take into account its shipping cost. It’s obvious that higher the price of the printer, lower will be the cost of ink toner or cartridge and vice versa. Also, there are many online vendors who deliver printers at your doorstep at an affordable price with no shipping charges.
  • Printing Speed:The speed of the printer is scaled as page per minute (PPM).  Every printer has different PPM speed and uses a different kind of Xerox Premium Toner Cartridge, which increases or decreases its overall cost. However, if you regularly print ordinary documents in bulk, the PPM speed will be an essential parameter which will affect your purchase decision.
  • Quality/Type: If you are particularly into printing business or you work in the fine art production industry, printers with high-resolution results are what you need. In this regard, corporate houses prefer laser printers since it offers the best quality results but it is quite expensive and demands more maintenance. On the other hand, inkjet printers are better suited to small a business that needs only satisfactory results with low sharpness and resolution.


  • Value-Added Features: Gone are the days when printers were just used to ‘Print’. Today, many online vendors offer ‘All-in-one’ Printers that are not just used for printing but also for Xerox, scan, and even sending faxes to your clients. Many printers have manufacturer-specific value-added features such as several web apps, OCR scanners, and special photo printing modes. All this makes ‘All-in-one’ printers relatively expensive.

So if you are planning to buy printers online, check out for amazing deals and just don’t forget to consider the above-listed factors before finalizing the one.