Planning Your Family Caravan Getaway


Investing in a caravan is definitely a smart move if you love taking your family on adventurous holidays and exploring the country without being tethered down by hotel rooms or expensive flights. It’s also a great way to experience the fun of camping out in nature without some of the less comfortable experiences that can come with sleeping in the great outdoors. If you’re looking to take your family on a caravanning getaway this year, make sure you use this quick guide to prepare effectively.

Know who to call for help. When you go on any kind of caravan or camping holiday, it’s crucial to have a list of emergency numbers your can call should anything go wrong. When you’re using a caravan as your source of transport and accommodation it’s especially important to have a plan should anything go wrong with your vehicle. Have a caravan towing melbourne service number noted down to come rescue you if you break down unexpectedly, and make a list of all of the relevant emergency services contact numbers in the locations you’re planning to stop and sleep so you can get help should anything go wrong.

Know where you can go. Unfortunately, while some of us would love to believe that the world is our oyster once we set off in on a caravan touring adventure, you won’t be able to pitch up anywhere and set yourself up for a holiday. Plan your itinerary carefully so you know which sites are available in each area you hope to visit, and what kind of amenities they offer. Some caravan campsites will be more child-friendly than others, so do your research before you make any definite plans to be fully prepared. You’ll also want to look at the rates involved at each site so you know what works best for your budget.

Have a GPS on board. A printed map is always handy, so it’s great to have that with you for the journey, but a proper GPS system will make getting where you want to go far easier and won’t put stress on one family member to do the bulk of the navigating. Bring your GPS and set it up ahead of time so it can direct you accurately, and make sure your printed map is packed should the GPS let you down somewhere along the way.

Make a thorough packing list. Unlike a traditional holiday where you stay in a hotel, you’ll need to bring a particular set of equipment and furniture along with you if you want to make the most of your caravan getaway. Forgetting something, especially an essential item like a cooking items or chairs could make your travel far less fun. Make a detailed check list and tick the items off as you pack them, and don’t forget to bring lots of cooking equipment, non-perishable snacks, and all of the furniture you need to relax and enjoy yourself while you take in the sights.

Practice towing. If this is your first time driving with a caravan attached to your vehicle, take time to practice before you head off. It can take some getting used to, but with practice your confidence will grow and you’ll feel ready to tackle the big trip.