Reasons to Appeal under the California Appeal Bond


A California appeal bond is also called as the court bonds. It is well known as supersedeas bond. These bonds are required in the civil matters where the appellant can appeal the court in case of misjudgment monetary actions.  The judgment will be paid in interest, fees and court fees. This is a three party bond. The three parties included are the principal, the obligee and the surety. This particular bond ensures the company complete judgment and thereby guarantees the payments of all the loss or penalties to be given. The bond will cover costs dues to stay of execution as well as the amount of the judgment made.

How the California appeal bond is used

There are different kinds of stages or ground on which these appeals can be made in the court for the judgment. There are certain grounds on which appeal bond can be used are as followed-

  • In case of some legal errors- these errors might be because of some presented evidences, lack of evidence, wrong jury instructions and in supporting a guilty verdict.
  • In case of juror misconduct- there are might certain chances where the jury might show partiality between the two clients. Thus, at that particular time the appeal can be made and if it is proved correct, then compensation is to be done.
  • In case when the council is ineffective- along with jury sometimes, the council might also be proved to be partial between the clients. At that time, an appeal can be made under all rights reserved in appeal bonds.
  • In case when the defendant feels that the jury has not provided them with enough representation times- at this time, appeal can be made and if proved guilty, necessary actions are taken.

Thus, all these small points have to be noted down while appealing a matter in court.