Red Ball 4 – Fun and simple Game for TV


We all love to play different games whenever we feel bored. Playing games helps us to free from the day today stresses. Here is another wonderful game to play at your leisure time. The game Red Ball 4.

Yes, you are correct. This is all about a red ball as the name suggest. There is a small lovely red ball who is having a long journey. You have to help this little red friend to reach its destination safely. Help the little friend to overcome the obstacles and the challenges he is going to meet along the journey. Simply here you have to save the world from some evil minions who are trying to make this planet to a square. Help your little friend to win over them and save your earth.

This is a 2D game. The 2D graphics of the game are very stunning and colorful. It’s very calming and the background music also very smooth. It is not a burden to listen. The game helps you a lot in improving your brain skills like decision making, reacting to a problem effectively and also effect on improving logical skills and patience too.

This is a fun game that can easily play on any Android TV box. Because this is a simple light weight game that does not require high-end TV boxes to play. Use your favorite TV store like Filelinked apk, Aptoide TV or Play Store to install this game.

Same goes for Android phones and tablets. Since this game popular among many Android users, you will be able to find this game on all most all app store like acmarket, aptoide and more.

Features of Red Ball 4 Game

The game is simple. No many complications. Gaming control is also very easy. You can use your left thumb to make your little friend move right or left. Using the right thumb, you can do jumps and rolling. Move as much as distance possible. There you have to meet enemies, some sticky traps, have to climb up, overcome waterways, pass forests, mountains, valleys and so on.

Be clam and play your game in the beginning. You have to pass through nearly 75 levels. Each level is with different challenges to meet up. When you are moving forward the levels may become quite difficult and you will face many obstacles and sometimes puzzles to solve than in the starter levels. But still, it is fun and interesting to play the game.

Here you have to meet different challenges and be wise to win over them.  Beware about the water ways. As the ball cannot float on water you have to be wise and take precautions to save your red ball when crossing water ways.

When it is rolling you have to balance the ball. Otherwise, the ball will hit obstacles. Control the movements of the ball with patience. Along your journey you can collect some starts too. Collect as much as stars you can.

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