Returning After The Pandemic: 5 Things To Have In Your New Office Design


The world is reopening, and people can now adapt to the coronavirus pandemic because of vaccination and other medical improvements. Because of this, more companies now require employees to return to the office or a hybrid setup, where they can choose to work from home on some days. Overall, the usual effect is an interior design for an office with a few things to help everyone adjust.

Let us explore this list of things and ensure your newest renovation or project has them! They will help everyone adapt, increase productivity, and protect their health.


Alcohol stands on every entry access, a fully-equipped bathroom with all the essentials, and safe disinfection products are some of the things a new office design in Singapore needs. Why? They ensure health and safety at all times and impose a practice of hygiene and safety for everyone.


No. We are not asking you to design and build an outdoor space in Singapore. What we mean by open spaces is avoiding cubicles and other confined areas that may give a higher risk of transmission of the virus. Why? Open areas are better for everyone inside the office, such as wide tables instead of cubicles.


Elevate your air conditioning appliances or ventilation in the building to make returning to the office safer for everyone. First, the setting should match the appropriate climate or type of temperature to avoid virus transmission. On top of that, make sure windows and other things that control the flow of air inside are well-regulated. You can consult the office reinstatementcontractor about this.


While people may have divided opinions on purifiers and other air appliances, it would not hurt to add them on some corners to make sure everyone breathes clean and safe air when working. There is no need to stress yourself about thecommercial and office interior design concept in Singaporebecause all you need is to place these appliances in spaces where they achieve maximum efficiency.


If you require everyone to wear a mask inside at all times, use personal alcohol bottles to encourage sustainability, and avoid entering the workplace when feeling sick, prepare a set of rules that everyone can see. You can plaster them on bulletin boards.

Are you looking for an office design company in Singapore? Trust with your return-to-office plans and curate a space that puts a premium on health and safety.