Sagrada Familia’s secrets and mysteries


Sagrada Familia is probably the best worldwide known monument in Barcelona, a must for every visitor or inhabitant of the city. But there are many hidden elements, mysteries and anecdotes that tourists and citizens don’t observer in this historical and magic building.

Sagrada Familia is located in the biggest and most central neighborhood in Barcelona, that’s why renting an apartment in Sagrada Familia by AinB is a good choice if you want to enjoy your holidays from a well located place at the same time as you are close to the main sightseeing point of the city.

When visiting Sagrada Familia you can either take several pictures and leave or pay attention to the many hidden messages that the architect tried to transmit. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Lost models and plans

More than a mystery, this first point is an anecdote that few people know.During the Spanish Civil War, the Sagrada Familia, like many other places of the city, suffered numerous damages. One of the parts of the temple that was more affected was the Crypt, where the plans and models of the building were destroyed forever.

There are those who say that since their disappearance, or rather destruction, the initial project is not being followed in a faithful way.

What do the turtles on the façade mean?

When you observe the majestic façade of the birth, you can see something quite unusual; a sea turtle and another terrestrial turtle shaped on the stone. Their presence isn’t just a coincidence, it has a meaning as everything in Gaudí’s architecture. What these turtles want to convey, apart from their relationship with Chinese culture, is the balance of the cosmos.

Sagrada Familia is a gigantic bible

All figures and windows are located in their place for a reason. Its location and even its orientation are milimetrically calculated and have a common intention, the unification of the Catholic faith in a single temple. That means that the architect wanted to translate all the pages of the bible into this colossal work.

Original idea?

Sagrada Familia and Gaudí are undoubtedly synonymous words. Now, although Gaudí was the one who worked out the plans and models, the original idea of ​​raising the temple come from a bookseller named Josep María Bocabella. This bookseller, was inspired by the canonized Josep Manyanet.

A place of great researchers

Sagrada Familia is the target of great researchers who give light to the enigmas that Gaudí wanted to convey. One of these great investigators is undoubtedly Carlos Mesa, a journalist and writer, who has devoted almost all his life to deciphering the enigmas, not only of the Sagrada Familia, but of many other places in the city.

Now it’s your turn to visit Sagrada Familia look carefully to all its details and try to find new meanings and hidden messages in this building.