Set Furniture Properly in Every Room to Avoid Clumsy Appearance

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Every bedroom at home contains at least one bed. It doesn’t matter if it is single or double, king-size or queen size. However, what matters is the room size and the style in which all furniture all settled. It takes a lot of brainstorming to decide the position of all furniture in a room so that your room isn’t scattered but organized. Along with important furniture and decor, there should also be enough space for a person to walk comfortably.

There are some traditional patterns which are followed in every house where bed is always placed in the centre of the room. Also, there is superstition attached with every item in the room and therefore, things are placed according to the positive and negative energy. When you have so many restrictions and obstructions, then it is better to hire an interior designer to assist you in décor.

Livspace helps in building a dream home within budget. It was founded in 2015 by two college friends Ramakant and Arjun. Now it is one of the trusted brands that have provided a dream home to thousands of customers. Right from arranging all furniture at proper places, choosing the interior as per your choice and closets and wardrobes designs are all done by their designing staff in the best way.

Here are few tips that may help you while planning your room furniture –

  • Sketch your room on a paper and mark all spots where you want to place furniture. Before that decide all necessary furniture that you require in your room.
  • It is better to not keep too many furniture in master bedroom because that will make it look scattered, unorganized, and less spacious.
  • While arranging or deciding the location for all furniture, always keep in mind that the bed takes maximum space, therefore, it should be arranged first. Adjust your bed in centre or attached to walls depending on the room size, then it will help you in arranging other furniture easily.
  • If you have inbuilt wardrobe, then don’t add extra furniture like cabinets or shelves. It will only make your room look clumsy.
  • If you have proper storage in the room, then you will not have to tidy your room every day. This also saves your time and energy and free time can be used in relaxing.
  • Not everybody knows that even a small room can look spacious if you place a rug on the floor. Buy a rug that suits the room’s design and colour and then place it besides your bed.

When you plan everything before implementing, it definitely gives a positive result. However, every bedroom cannot be organised in smaller manner as every individual has their own preferences.

Master bedroom

  • Master bedroom should always look big and spacious. This can be done only when you place limited furniture.
  • Teenagers need more storage areas and less space because they have video games, books, music collections, posters accessories, latest trending outfit that have to be kept properly. Keep practical furniture like a chair and table and a bed.
  • Kids are always exploring restricted areas like windows and corners of bed and closets. Therefore, choose furniture that don’t have sharp edges, keep switches out of their reach or place a safeguard on them, flooring should be anti-skid, beds should have safety rails and none of the furniture should be light that can trip over.
  • Guest room should have bare minimum furniture. A sofa bed that is pushed against the wall a table to arrange things and a closet to set clothes.

It is always wise to seek suggestions from family and also from people for whom you’re decorating their room. This way everything can be prepared according to your expectation.